The UGA RA Programs are academic graduate programs designed to prepare Regulatory Affairs Professionals for careers in the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Biologics, and Animal Health business sectors. These programs are web-based and part-time programs. Course work uses a blended instructional approach of asynchronously delivered content and interactive project work taught by subject matter experts from industry, the university, and regulatory agencies to ensure that the content is current and relevant. Classes are intended to allow individual flexibility, yet are structured to progress student learning during the semester. Each semester is 15-16 weeks in length except for summer semester which is 11 weeks.

The mission of the UGA International Biomedical Regulatory Sciences Graduate Education Program is to provide graduate-level distance education designed to increase knowledge and develop competencies in biomedical regulatory and clinical processes that meet government regulations and that are critical in helping assure the development, manufacturing, and marketing of safe and effective medical products.

  • Distance Learning Self-Assessment

    Here, you will find additional information about our program’s use of distance learning (DL) methodologies including DL assessment exercises. These tools will help to gauge your level of interest in being a distance learning student.

    To determine whether online learning may or may not be appropriate for you, students and applicants are advised to assess their readiness, goals, and learning preferences prior to beginning an online course. To help students make the right decision about enrolling in an online program or course, we highly encourage you to read What Make a Successful Online Student?