Svein Øie, Ph.D.

Dean's Office

Dean's Office

  • Education

    Ph.D. Pharmaceutics, State University of New York 1975

    Cand. Pharm. Pharmacy, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway 1966

  • Research Interests

    Strategies for Increased Oral Absorption and Drug Targeting.
    A number of pharmacologically active proteins and peptides have recently been identified for use as potential drugs. Two factors in particular handicap these compounds from being clinically active: 1) poor absorption across membranes and 2) instability when administered per os. Clearly, the ability to increase the transfer of these compounds across various membranes, particularly the gastrointestinal wall, would make a significant contribution to optimizing this form of drug therapy and our research interest is focused on exploring various transport mechanisms to develop a means to transport these poorly absorbed compounds per os.

    Selectively targeting specific cell types, as a novel drug delivery approach, requires identification of the unique characteristics of the designated target cells. Mechanisms for developing delivery systems that will associate with for individual cell types followed by cellular uptake of the delivery system containing the drug or local release of the associated drugs are being explored.

    Biochemical and Clinical Factors Influencing Disposition and Pharmacologic Activity of Drugs.
    A number of factors are known to affect the disposition and pharmacologic activity of drugs. These include disease state, genetic and environmental factors, anthropomorphic and physiologic conditions, proteins and protein binding. Current interest focuses on effect of the activation of the acute phase response in disease and trauma on drug disposition.

  • Selected Publications

    In vitro gene transfection to glioma cells using a novel and less cytotoxic artificial lipoprotein delivery system. G. Pan, M. Shawer, S. Øie, and D.R. Lu, Pharm. Research, 20: 738-744, 2003

    Synthesis, preformulation and liposomal formulation of cholesteryl carborene esters with various fatty chains. F. Alanazi, H. Li, D.S. Halpern, S. Øie, and D.R. Lu, International J. Pharmaceutics, 255: 189-197, 2003

    Sequential first-pass metabolism of nortilidine: The active metabolite of the synthetic opioid drug tilidine. J.P. Hajda, E. Jähnchen, S. Øie, and D. Trenk, J Clin Pharmacol 42: 1-5, 2002

    VLDL-resembling phospholipid-submicron emulsion for cholesterol-based drug targeting. M. Shawer, P. Greenspan, S. Øie, and D.R. Lu, J Pharm Sci, 91:1405-1413, 2002