Policies on Enrollment

The University of Georgia and the College of Pharmacy Regulatory Sciences Graduate Program have strict policies about dropping, adding, withdrawing or receiving tuition or program fee refunds. Before registering for any RS courses please familiarize yourself with the policies.  It is important that you also review the University’s policies for drop/add and withdrawal at the UGA Office of the Registrar.  

Dropping a Class

You may drop one, some, or all of your classes via ATHENA through the last day of Drop/Add for the term (or the last day of drop/add for the related session during the summer term).  See the UGA Academic Calendar for the Drop/Add and withdraw schedules.

Adding a Class

After receiving clearance from the RS office, you may add a class via ATHENA during the Drop/Add schedule.  You must receive clearance from the RS office in order to sign up for any RS class.  Additional tuition and fees may apply.

Withdrawing from a Class

It is not possible to drop a class after the Drop/Add period is over, instead you must “withdraw” from the class by selecting the withdraw option on the main menu in ATHENA . Withdrawals after the Drop/Add period will result in course entries on your academic record with grades of ‘W’ or ‘WF’ as assigned by your instructor(s).  See the UGA Academic Calendar for the Drop/Add, withdraw schedules.

Important note:  There is no refund for individual course withdrawals. 

Withdrawal from all courses

Withdraw from all classes requires that the student formally withdraw from the university.  Withdrawals without penalty may not be assigned after the midpoint withdrawal deadline of a term unless approved for health or emergency reasons by the Office of Student Affairs.  For general information on withdrawals, see https://reg.uga.edu/general-information/policies/withdrawals. For information on hardship withdrawals, see https://sco.uga.edu/sco/hardship-withdrawals.

See the UGA Academic Calendar for the Drop/Add, withdraw schedules.

Important note:  Partial refunds may be possible if students withdraw from all courses, which requires that the student formally withdraw from the university  (see refund section below).


You must Drop, Add or Withdraw from classes through the ATHENA system.

Non-attendance or notifying the instructor does not constitute officially dropping or withdrawing from a course. Credit courses must be dropped through the ATHENA system. Students who stop attending credit courses without officially dropping will receive a grade of F in the class.


Refunds are not automatic.  Refunds are possible for courses that are officially dropped or if the student withdraws from the university, according to the stated guidelines in the refund schedule. Refunds can take approximately 4-6 weeks from the date the request is received.

Tuition Refund

UGA Tuition and Fee Refund Policy can be found at busfin.uga.edu/bursar/bursar_quick_links/.

Use of Credit Hours

Reminder about the use of your academic credit hours at the University of Georgia:

1) Time Limit – Like all graduate credit hours, there is a Time Limit on the credit hours you accumulate. All requirements for a master’s degree must be completed within eights years beginning with the first registration for courses, including the Certificate Program courses, on the student’s program of study. An extension of time may be granted only on conditions beyond the control of the student, grad.uga.edu/index.php/current-students/policies-procedures/academics/types-of-degrees-offered/masters-degrees/.

2) Course and resident credit used to satisfy the requirements of one degree cannot be used to satisfy the requirements of another degree. For additional information on this Graduate School policy, please visit grad.uga.edu/index.php/current-students/policies-procedures/academics/use-of-credit/.



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