First Time Registrants

Before you are able to register and enroll for classes, you must address immunization and health insurance policy matters.

NOTE: The first class is an online Program Orientation. All students are expected to review the Program Orientation content. During this session, we will address program, administrative and technical details. All students are responsible for the information contained with the orientation modules. If you do not review the content, you are likely to miss important policy and administrative details. Failure to comply with policies is the sole responsibility of the student.


Although our classes are primarily web-based, UGA policy requires that all students, regardless of location, submit proof of immunization to the UGA Health Center before you will be allowed to register. The information on immunization is found in the packet sent to you by the Admissions Office. Information on this process can be found at

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is recommended for all students. If you are not currently covered by a health insurance plan, please refer to the University’s Health Center for information on obtaining coverage,


You will be notified by email by the Regulatory Sciences Office once you are “cleared” to register. Students accepted by UGA automatically receive a UGA MyID and UGA email address. The UGA MyID is critically important as this ID is what you will use to access your eLC courses. More information on the MyID is available at
If you have questions about your MyID or do not receive notification of your new email address, contact the EITS help desk at 706-542-3106.

You may also get a UGA photo ID Card that corresponds to your UGA MyID. Photo IDs require that you come on to the UGA Gwinnett Campus and have your picture taken. The photo ID cost is minimal (please check with Student Affairs for the current cost).

Registration in ATHENA

The ATHENA system is the UGA online course registration system. The URL is Go to this site and follow the step-by-step process. Should you encounter registration problems for UGA at Gwinnett students, please contact the UGA Registrar’s Office at /

Information you will need to complete the ATHENA Registration:

  1. Each semester, you will receive an email from the Regulatory Sciences Office with the course offerings and the course call numbers. The course call number is specific to an academic semester. For example, the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) class course offering ID is PHAR 6030, the call number for the Summer Semester 2019 offering is CRN# 60-063.
  2. All Regulatory Sciences courses are considered a UGA Gwinnett class and are considered distance learning courses.
  3. Student Activity Fees are automatically calculated when you register for courses.
  4. The Technology Fee is automatically calculated when you register for courses.
  5. Paying for classes: You can pay your fees on-line if you choose, but you also have the option of printing your class schedule and submitting your fee payment by check to the Bursar’s office. For additional information, please refer to UGA Graduate School website:

Technical Specifications

The computer that you use to access the Regulatory Sciences web-based courses and to submit course assignments must meet the following specifications. Be sure you are in compliance with these technical specifications.

Technical Specifications for your computer:

The computer(s) that you are using should have the following configuration:

  1. Computer microphone (either external or built-in)
  2. Web Browsers: Microsoft IE or Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome
  3. Word Processing: MS Word from Office (We are unable to accept MS Works documents unless they are converted to .doc or .docx)
  4. Presentation Software: MS PowerPoint
  5. Spreadsheet Software: MS Excel
  6. PDF Viewer: Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) –
  7. Allow for pop-ups from the domains,, and

ARCHE Cross Registration Program

The ARCHE Cross Registration Program is available to qualified University System of Georgia graduate students. Click here for additional information on the ARCHE program.

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