Institutional Review Board (IRB)

IRB Requirements for Masters Students (both Thesis and Project)

This section applies to both MS Thesis and Project students.

As you think about your thesis or your project, you need to be aware of UGA’s IRB.  Regardless of how simplistic or harmless your research project is, if it involves human (like the use of interviews) or animals, it will require an approval or an exemption for the UGA IRB Office.  The project MUST be approved prior to scheduling any interviews or the sending of out questionnaires, etc.  It is best to assume that your project, if it involves human or animal subjects, requires IRB approval UNTIL you get permission from UGA IRB telling you otherwise, i.e. you get an exemption.

UGA Office of Vice President of Research oversees the University’s IRB.  OVPR’s website is where the IRB guidelines are noted.   The bottom line is that the UGA IRB continues to tighten up and much of what you do will be expedited or even exempt, but you still must go through the training and submit your documentation to receive the approval or exemption.   You should work closely with your major professor to ensure that you satisfied the IRB requirements.

Remember:  Complete the IRB Training and submit proposal of your research to the IRB Office.  Ensure that you have an IRB Project number and Approval date prior to conducting any research.  Submit IRB approval documentation to the Regulatory Sciences Department.  The Department would also would like to receive copies of your IRB approval or exemption.

IRB Guidelines:
The University of Georgia maintains a research policies and procedures page at  This page provides information on policies and procedures for research activities involving human and animal subjects with the goal of fully complying with regulations of the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as the implementation of the principles outlined in the Belmont Report. The University of Georgia has signed compliance agreements with these regulatory agencies assuring that federally-funded research at UGA involving human and animal subjects will be in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations.

IRB eResearch Portal Click here to access the portal login page.


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