Diabetes and Vascular Function Lab
Principal Investigator:  Dr. Adviye Ergul

Dr. Ergul’s Augusta University  biosketch and lab website

The overall goal of the Diabetes and Vascular Function laboratory is to better understand the regulation of vascular function and structure in diabetes in order to prevent, delay or reverse diabetes-associated complications including stroke and cognitive impairment. In collaboration with Dr. Susan Fagan, we have made the interesting observation that there is significant cerebral neovascularization in type 2 diabetic rats and when ischemia/reperfusion injury occurs, diabetic animals develop bleeding into the brain, a dreaded complication of stroke. Our efforts are focused on how diabetes alters the expression and function of key mediators that are critical for vascular integrity and function. These studies are important to identify potential mechanisms contributing to cognitive decline in diabetes as well as identifying how an ischemic injury superimposed on this existing pathology affect functional outcomes and recovery following stroke. In addition, based on the clinical evidence which suggests that acute hyperglycemic patients suffer the worst outcomes of stroke, in collaboration with Dr. Askiel Bruno from Department of Neurology, we are investigating the mechanisms that mediate greater vascular and neuronal injury in hyperglycemic stroke.

Current Projects

Effect of Diabetes and Acute Hyperglycemia on Ischemic Brain Injury. This project focuses on the effects of diabetes-induced changes in the microvascular structure and function on increased risk of stroke as well as mechanisms of worsened stroke outcome in diabetes. Microvascular Remodeling and Vascular Complications in Obesity and Diabetes: This project seeks to determine the physiological and molecular mechanisms of increased cerebral angiogenesis and arteriogenesis in diabetes and obesity.

Lab Members

Maha Coucha, BPharm, Graduate student
Aisha Kelly, MS, Graduate student
Weiguo Li, MD, PhD, Postdoctoral associate
Mohammed Abdelsaid, Postdoctoral associate
Handong Ma, Research associate