Adams.  MCR-ICU and Fluids.  ASHP 2019






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Chase.  Fluids and MRC.  ASHP 2019







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Gamble.  Fluid Sources.  ACCP 2019







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Gamble.  Fluids and AS.  ASHP 2019







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Grimsley.  Fluid Resuscitation.  ASHP 2018







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Ly.  Ejection Fraction in Shock.  ASHP 2019







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Moon.  Fluids and Weight.  ACCP 2019







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Olney.  Fluid Characterization.  ASHP 2018







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Olney. MRC-ICU and Fluids.  ASHP 2019







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Sikora Newsome. Fluid Characterization. CTSA 2019







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Smith.  Fluid Overload.  CTSA 2019







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Manuscripts, Awards and Grants

Fluid Status Manuscripts

Exploration of Body Habitus and Fluid Overload in Critically Ill Patients
Peyton E. Moon, Andrea Sikora Newsome, W. Anthony Hawkins, Maitri Y. Patel, Susan E. Smith

Fluid Status Awards

Best Student Poster Award–ACCP Oct 2019
“Identifying intravenous medication classes contributing to ICU fluid status”
Student: Kelly Gamble
Mentors: Susan Smith, Andrea Sikora Newsome, Trisha Branan, William Anthony Hawkins, Christopher Bland

Recipient of Resident Travel Award–ACCP Oct 2019
“Medication regimen complexity score as an indicator of fluid balance in the ICU”
Students: Aaron Chase, Bill Olney
Mentor: Susan Smith, Andrea Sikora Newsome

Fluid Status Grant

Characterization of fluid input during critical illness
UGA COP Seed Grant
W. Anthony Hawkins (PI)
1/16/2018 – 12/31/2018
A.L. II, A.L. III, and Todd Morris Pharmacy Practice Support Fund ($7,000)

This is a seed grant provided by the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy Foundation Funds. The purpose of this multi-center, retrospective study is to identify sources of fluid input in critically ill patients that could be optimized to mitigate the incidence of volume overload. The project will examine multiple sources of volume including resuscitation fluids, maintenance fluids, “hidden fluids”, medications, nutrition, and blood products.

PI: Anthony W. Hawkins
Co-PIs: Susan E. Smith, Andrea Sikora Newsome, Trisha Branan, Christopher Bland

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