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Manuscripts, Awards and Grants

Fluid Stewardship Manuscripts

Fluid Stewardship During Critical Illness: A Call to Action
Anthony Hawkins, Susan E. Smith, Andrea Sikora Newsome, John R. Carr, Christopher M. Bland, Trisha N. Branan

Fluid Stewardship Awards

Bronze SCCM Snapshot Award | Society of Critical Care Medicine, Feb 2019
Fluid stewardship: identifying hidden fluids as a target for fluid minimization
Andrea Sikora Newsome, W. Anthony Hawkins, Susan Smith

Best Student Poster Award | GSHP Spring Meeting, Mar 2019
Hidden fluids in critical care patients
Student: Rebecca Phan
Mentor: Susan Smith

Outstanding Pharmaceutical Publication Award | GSHP, Jul 2020
Fluid stewardship during critical illness: A call to action
Susan Smith

Top 5 Finalist, Student Poster Awards | GSHP Spring Meeting, Mar 2019
Specific medications contributing to hidden fluid intake in critical care patients
Student: Nathan Allen
Mentor: Susan Smith

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