Mindi Miller, Pharm.D., BCPS

Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy, Experience Programs
Clinical Associate Professor

Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy, Experience Programs


Atlanta Regional Coordinator , University of Georgia 1998-Present

Clinical Pharmacist , Emory Healthcare 1995-Present

Pharm.D. , University of Kentucky 1994

B.S. Pharm , University of Georgia 1990

  • Atlanta Academy of Institutional Pharmacy (AAIP), President-Elect
  • ACCP PSAP Series, Reviewer
  • Hospital Pharmacist, Reviewer
  • U.S. Pharmacist, Reviewer
Research Interests

Cardiovascular pharmacy especially treatment of arrhythmias, acute coronary syndromes, and lipids.

Selected Publications

Miller, Mindi. Arrhythmias Part I. U.S. Pharmacist. To be published Spring, 2006.

Miller, Mindi. Arrhythmias Part II. U.S.Pharmacist. To be published Spring 2006.

Miller, Mindi. Pleurisy. U.S. Pharmacist. November 2003:HS12-18.

Miller, Mindi. Infective Endocarditis. U.S. Pharmacist. August 2003:HS9-18.

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