HouseCall VR and UGA College of Pharmacy collaborate to revolutionize diabetes education with virtual reality

By: Mary Hotcaveg (Public Relations Assistant) and Mickey Yongue (Senior Director)

The University of Georgia College of Pharmacy (UGACoP) and HouseCall VR have forged a pioneering partnership aimed at transforming patient education through virtual reality (VR). This collaboration initially will focus on producing several VR education modules that will enhance patients’ understanding of pharmaceutical treatment methods for diabetes.

Linda Ciavarelli, president and co-founder of HouseCall VR, and the HouseCall team will work with UGACoP faculty members, including Michael Fulford, Robin Southwood, Chelsea Keedy, and Michelle McElhannon, to develop the VR educational modules. Leveraging UGACoP’s expertise, HouseCall VR will create modules utilizing its patented educational platforms. Topics covered will range from exploring diabetes treatment options to understanding medication outcomes and side effects, the appropriate use and administration of diabetes medications, and the importance of medication adherence.

Having already established a collaboration with the U.S. Veterans Health Administration (VHA), HouseCall VR’s collaboration with UGACoP represents a significant advancement in patient education. By integrating UGACoP’s pharmacy education and research offerings with HouseCall VR’s immersive technology, the partnership aims to enrich VR modules with insights into medication mechanisms, adherence barriers, and the consequences of non-compliance.

Ciavarelli expressed her enthusiasm about partnering with UGACoP, highlighting the collaboration’s vital role in providing patient education using a virtual reality environment. “For decades, I’ve witnessed patients grappling with complex medical information, especially in today’s fast-paced clinical environment. To address this, I co-founded HouseCall VR, aiming to enhance patient comprehension by immersing them in a virtual tour of their bodies.” She emphasized that HouseCall’s mission is to improve patient adherence to treatment plans through VR-based education, empowering patients to take control of their health.

Fulford, who serves as UGACoP’s assistant dean for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives and director of Faculty Affairs, commented, “The digital health revolution is here, and this collaboration showcases the value of patient-centered technology developed by clinical experts.”

Describing HouseCall VR as “the Magic School Bus for your doctor’s office,” Ciavarelli emphasized its unique ability to engage patients in ways traditional tools aren’t capable of doing. “HouseCall VR envisions a future in which immersive technologies empower patients to better understand their health,” said Ciavarelli. “By leveraging VR, HouseCall aims to democratize healthcare education, making it accessible across multiple platforms and reaching patients wherever they may be. Partnering with the UGA College of Pharmacy will solidify this mission.”

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