Interview with Jake Barnes – Recipient of The Howard C. Ansel Scholarship

This year’s recipient was Jake Barnes, a 2023 graduate of the program from Dalton, Georgia. He shares his academic experience and what it meant to be an Ansel scholarship recipient:

Why did you choose the College of Pharmacy’s Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences program?

I will start pharmacy school this fall. The BSPS program provided me with a great understanding of what goes on behind the scenes in the pharmaceutical industry. Because of this, I believe the BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences program prepared me well and has given me a head start for pharmacy school.

Why are you passionate about pharmaceutical sciences?

Pharmacy has always been an interest of mine because of how much it has affected my family. Many of my family members have experienced different forms of heart disease, and I witnessed the effects of it as I grew up. I’ve also seen how well medications can help their quality of life, which is the root of why I am passionate about pharmacy. I believe that if I can help others feel better and improve their day-to-day living, then I will enjoy each day I am a pharmacist.

What do you hope to accomplish after graduation?

After graduating this Spring of 2023, I will attend UGA’s Doctor of Pharmacy program. I am excited to start the journey!

How has the Howard C. Ansel Scholarship impacted your college experience?

The Howard C. Ansel Scholarship relieved my financial stress. I am very appreciative to the donors of the Howard C. Ansel Scholarship, as they provided a generous amount of money that supported my education. With this, I was able to concentrate on school, and I ended my final undergraduate semester strong!

What is your most memorable experience at the College of Pharmacy?

Connecting with all the teachers and students was my favorite part of being in the College of Pharmacy. With such a small class size, it was easy to get to know everyone personally. It’s hard to think about everyone splitting up and going in their own directions after graduation, but I’m positive we will keep in touch.

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