Match Day 2022 Yields Impressive Results

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) residency match process is complete, and, once again, the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy’s graduating Doctorate of Pharmacy class exceeded the national average.

Touting the highest residency match rate to date at UGA, the Class of 2022 matched 83.1 percent of its active listed members who applied for a residency program at numerous healthcare institutions across the U.S.  The national average, which includes 147 pharmacy schools, was 77 percent. In addition, the College of Pharmacy has the highest PGY-1, or first year match rate among the four pharmacy schools in Georgia.

“Our overwhelming match rate speaks volumes to the outstanding pharmacy education that is delivered by the faculty of our college,” said Dean Kelly Smith. “Beyond the classroom, we provide future pharmacists with superior experiential learning curriculum in clinics, hospitals, and many other community and healthcare settings as well. I couldn’t be prouder of this accomplishment.”

Complementing the PGY1 match rate is the number of first-year pharmacy residents seeking an additional year of specialized training, or a PGY-2 residency. According to ASHP data, 92 percent of active listed UGA graduates who sought a PGY-2 residency were successfully matched, as compared to 82 percent nationwide. In total, the UGA College of Pharmacy had 54 PGY-1 matches and 23 PGY-2 matches.

Following graduation on May 7th, the newly matched residents will move to hospitals, clinics, community pharmacies and other sites in 22 states across the country, including Georgia, where 25 of the 54 residencies are located. Residents will focus on specific areas of pharmacy, as well as the entire pharmacy industry during their year-long learning experience.

Dr. Chris Bland, Clinical Professor at the College of Pharmacy’s extended campus in Savannah, coordinated the match day announcements for the College.  Said Bland, “I’m extremely proud of our students and graduates as they have worked tirelessly to prepare for this important step in their professional development. To once again have the highest match rate in the state, as well exceed the national average for both PGY-1 and PGY-2 positions is a testament to the quality of our UGA students and graduates. This success is not possible without the countless hours of support and mentoring provided by faculty, staff, preceptors, and alumni to each of our students. These mentors have made a tremendous impact on our students’ and graduates’ lives that is priceless.”

Aliya Abdulla, Pharm.D. Class of 2022, matched with Houston Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX

Aliya Abdulla, from Tucker, who will graduate from UGA this spring, was matched with Houston Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX.  Said Abdulla, “Participating in the residency match process was a such an incredible experience. Opening that email was a rush of emotions, and overall, just relief and pride in all the hard work we have put in as students coming to fruition. Serving as a PGY-1 resident will allow me to challenge myself, enable me to better serve my patients, and open many doors for future career opportunities. I am so excited to be Houston-bound!”

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