PharmDawg Abby Wohlford Serves as Homecoming Committee Director

By Ellie Shafer

The word “PharmDawg” only begins to describe one facet of Abby Wohlford’s life. On top of her rigorous schedule as a P1 student, she is also the 2022 Director of the Homecoming Committee. 

Homecoming has always been a pivotal part of Wohlford’s college experience. In 2019, she served as a general body member, then was promoted to community outreach chair, then the assistant director for campus involvement. 

Now, instead of having a specific niche within the planning process, she oversees the entire homecoming committee, Wohlford said. 

She does not do all of this work alone, however. She has ten other executive board members, an advisor and numerous general body members/volunteers.  

“[Being a part of the homecoming committee] kind of gave me an opportunity to meet a new group of people that otherwise I definitely would not have,” Wohlford said. “…We have this thing in common that we’re all working towards, and it can be really fun to like develop those relationships and learn new things through them that I would not have fired just stay like in my major not gotten involved at UGA”

Coincidentally, 2022 does not mark just any homecoming – it is the 100th annual homecoming, and UGA is ranked as football national champions.

Outside of her involvement with homecoming, Wohlford spends her time studying for her Doctor of Pharmacy. In order to keep up with her rigorous schedule, she decompresses by spending time with her friends.

In the future, Wohlford hopes to become more involved in the PharmDawg community, looking into clubs such as SPDO and SOAP.   

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