The UGA Drug Discovery Core Lab was established to develop a sustainable, interdisciplinary, externally- funded Drug Discovery research resource by assembling existing chemical, biological, and pharmaceutical resources and expertise on campus.

The DDC lab will provide the UGA biomedical research community with access to chemical libraries, expertise and instrumentation for high throughput screening and pre-clinical assessment of drug candidates. Specifically, the proposed Consortium will:

  • Provide curation, management, and distribution of chemical libraries.
  • Perform High throughput screening (HTS) to identify novel lead compounds using investigator-developed assays.
  • Assess toxicity and “drug likeness” of lead compounds to facilitate advancement to clinical development.
Chemical Libraries

Chemical libraries with 50,000+ compounds:
Diversity sets
Natural products
Targeted libraries


Activity-based and phenotypic screening
96 and 384 well format robotic liquid handling
Integrated multi-modal plate reader

Toxicity & PK

Cytotoxicity screening in cancer, kidney and liver cells
In vitro metabolism
Physiochemical compound characterization

Resources & Services

Commercial chemical libraries with 50,000+ compounds
Library curation, database management, and daughter plate distribution
Activity based high throughput screening.
Tecan Freedom EVO100, Liquid handling robot with MCA9 arm and integrated multi-modal plate reader
Cytotoxicity screening
Physiochemical compound characterization


UGA College of Pharmacy
UGA College of Veterinary Medicine
UGA Office of Research
Center for Tropical and Emerging Diseases
Department of Cell Biology
Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

Steering Committee

Shelley Hooks
Brian Cummings
Kojo Mensa-Wilmot
Stephen Trent
Scott Pegan
Dennis Kyle
Belen Cassera