Maria Luisa Valle

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences (PBS)
Graduate Assistant


AAPS, member
ISPE, member

Research Interests

Thiamine deficiency role in neurodegenerative diseases and aging

Selected Publications

Maria L. Valle*, Janine Dworshak, Ashok Sharma, Ahmed S. Ibrahim, Mohamed Al-Shabrawey, Shruti Sharma. Inhibition of interleukin-6 trans-signaling prevents inflammation and endothelial barrier disruption in retinal endothelial cells. Experimental Eye Research. 178 (2019) 27-36. (IF 2017 =3.152)

Ashok Sharma, Maria L. Valle*, Connor Beveridge, Yutao Liu, Shruti Sharma. Unraveling the Role of Genetics in the Pathogenesis of Diabetic Retinopathy, Eye (in press) (IF 2017=2.478)