The College of Pharmacy is the oldest and only University System of Georgia pharmacy granting degree institution in the state. The Diversity and Multiculturalism Committee of the College of Pharmacy actively meets to promote diversity at all levels within the college including recruiting, retaining, education and community outreach.

All policies of the College of Pharmacy are in alignment with the policy of the University of Georgia. The University of Georgia does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, veteran status, or disability in employment, admission, or access to its programs or activities.


To enhance the experience of professional students in the College of Pharmacy and support their success in the Doctor of Pharmacy program by:

  • Recruiting and admitting a highly qualified student body
  • Providing academic, career, and personal counseling
  • Serving as an advocate for and on behalf of students
    facilitating and empowering students’ active participation in professional organizations
  • Implementing activities designed to further diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence
  • Planning and conducting a variety of student-oriented events
  • Overseeing course schedules and the student registration process
  • Providing information for current and prospective students in online and print formats
  • New Approaches to Diversity and Inclusion Grant to enhance retention through academic support of current PharmD. students
  • Dean Stuart Feldman Summer Science Institute for high school students to increase awareness of Pharmacy Careers, recruit prospective pharmacy students and increase ethnic and socioeconomic diversity in College of Pharmacy application pool.
  • Cultural Competence in Pharmacy Care Skills Laboratory
  • Female Scientists in the Academy Annual Panel Presentation – Women’s History Month
  • Invited Guest Speakers – Black History Month
  • Community Partnership and Outreach – K-12 Students within Athens-
  • Clarke County and surrounding counties may schedule a facilities tour to receive an overview of pharmacy careers, and a compounding laboratory experience.
Areas of Responsibility
  • Direct statewide initiatives to identify and recruit under-represented and underserved students into the professional degree program
  • Develop, implement, and track programs to recruit minority students and to acquaint them with pharmacy careers
  • Develop programs to provide information to prospective minority and other underserved groups of students (on and off campus); meet and interview prospective students for admission candidacy
  • Develop programs to include cultural sensitivity within the College of Pharmacy community
  • Develop and instruct innovative cultural competence content for value added education and awareness in the professional degree programs
  • Serve as an advisor to faculty and administrator on issues of diversity and multiculturalism.
  • Identify grant /gift funding for need and merit based financial aid for current professional students.
  • Engage current students through innovative academic initiatives to create awareness concerning issues of cultural competence and diversity
  • Serve on the University-wide Diversity Representative Advisory Council
  • Direct the Dean Stuart Feldman Summer Science Institute

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