Third Annual Value and Ethics Interprofessional Educational Event

Augusta University’s College of Medicine and AU/UGA Medical Partnership recently hosted UGA College of Pharmacy students for the 3rd Annual Value and Ethics Interprofessional Educational Event. This year, the experience included approximately 393 students representing pharmacy and medicine with third-year pharmacy students from Augusta, Albany, and Savannah working with second-year medical students from Augusta University. While on the Athens campus, the P3s interacted with M2s from the AU/UGA Medical Partnership campus. These students worked in interprofessional teams as they discussed two vignettes involving ethical dilemmas, biases, and professionalism, as well as addressing how to navigate the healthcare system when advocating for their patients as they complete their clinical rotations prior to graduation. The teams also incorporated current social topics and their impact on how healthcare professionals care for their patients. The interprofessional planning committee consisted of faculty from both universities and was instrumental in making this event one of the most interactive IPE events between the medical and pharmacy colledges to date.

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