Toni Phelabaum Receives STAR Award

Congratulations to Toni Phelabaum, the dean’s administrative assistant, who is the recipient of the 2nd Quarter STAR Award at the College of Pharmacy. Joining the college in December  2015, Toni was cited for her work in seamlessly maintaining and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Dean’s Office while a fellow co-worker was on maternity leave and leading the “PharmDawg Sole Train,” a 10-member walking team, to an outstanding ranking in the Board of Regent’s system-wide health initiative. Under her leadership, the team came in 4th place at UGA and ranked 11th in the entire Board of Regents system last semester, which had more than 170 teams. In the current program, the PharmDawg Sole Train is ranked a close third at UGA and 5th in the entire system. Toni lives in Monroe and is the mother of four boys and a grandmother to three girls.  She enjoys a variety of hobbies and talents, including crafts of all kinds, soap and candle making, and walking to name a few.

Each quarter, the STAR award is presented to a staff member in recognition of superior service. If you would like to nominate a staff member for the upcoming quarter, click here.

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