Walgreens Partners With College to Develop ‘Practicing Practitioners’

Jennifer Duckett understands the importance of collaboration and partnership. The 2004 alumna of the CoP’s Doctor of Pharmacy program is committed to using her current role as Walgreens’ Healthcare Supervisor for Georgia North to engage with the College of Pharmacy in a mission to mold pharmacy students into pharmacy practitioners.

Originally from Snellville, Ga., Dr. Duckett began her career with Walgreens in 2000, first as a pharmacy technician and later as a pharmacy intern. Following her graduation from the College, she became a pharmacist at Walgreens in Atlanta and quickly moved up the ranks to Pharmacy Manager, developing as a mentor, operational resource, and preceptor for pharmacy schools and their students across the state. She later transitioned to the Registered Manager of General Operations for the Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy, located in Gwinnett, before assuming her current position. As Healthcare Supervisor, she oversees 86 pharmacy locations and 220 pharmacists.

Walgreens was the major sponsor for the College’s recent Pinning Ceremony, and Dr. Duckett was one of the guest speakers for the event. Later, she shared her insight into Walgreens’ value for pharmacy partnerships and gave some advice to graduating students.

Pictured (right) is Dr. Duckett (c) presenting the Walgreens’ sponsorship check to Dean Kelly Smith and Dr. Vivia Hill-Silcott, Director of Diversity Programs and Academic Support.

Why is it important for Walgreens to partner with the College for such events as the Pinning Ceremony?

Walgreens supports students throughout their journey to becoming a pharmacist.  It is only natural for Walgreens to sponsor the Pinning Ceremony so that we can celebrate with the students as they reach this milestone of transitioning from classroom learners to practicing practitioners.  At Walgreens, we believe a pharmacy student’s support system stretches beyond the walls of the UGA College of Pharmacy. Sponsorship of events, such as the Pinning Ceremony, allow our organization, as well as family and friends, to celebrate students and encourage them during this momentous occasion.

How can Walgreens further the profession of Pharmacy through philanthropic support?

Walgreens believes the future of pharmacy is now, and current pharmacy students represent that future. We will continue to work with pharmacy schools throughout the nation to grow our future pharmacists to be leaders and innovators in the changing landscape of healthcare.

What advice can you offer graduating students?

Remember why you chose pharmacy as your life career. Ultimately, we all have the same goal – to help patients and the community lead more joyful lives through better health. As your journey continues and you become a licensed pharmacist, find a career that supports your personal and professional goals. If you love what you do, it will not be a job; it will be a career you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Why do you love what you do at Walgreens?

I love my current role, because I can give back to the profession by supporting, coaching, and growing pharmacists and pharmacy team members in achieving their goals throughout their pharmacy career.

What is your favorite memory from your pharmacy school days?

It was the laughing, crying, and celebrating with my classmates.  They were my family during those four long and challenging years, but we all came out of it proud to be pharmacists. I will cherish those memories for a lifetime!

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