Deborah Elder, Pharm.D

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences
Clinical Associate Professor

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

  • Education

    PharmD Pharmacy, University of Georgia 2007

    B.S. Pharmacy, University of Georgia 1991

    B.S. Biology, Paine College 1980

  • Honors, Awards, and Achievements
    • R.Ph., licensed by the state of Georgia
    • Patient Counseling Certification
    • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Training Certification
    • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) Certificate, UGA, College of Pharmacy
    • Professional Compounding Centers of America Certification
    • American Pharmacists Association (APhA), Pfizer, U.S. Pharmaceutical, and American Association of Diabetes Educators, Certificate of Acheiement
    • American Pharmacist Association (APhA), Pharmacy-based Immunization Delivery, Certificate of Achievement
  • Affiliations
  • Research Interests

    Dr. Elder is PBS’s only clinical faculty member. Her current research projects focus on the preparation of extemporaneously prepared sterile and non-sterile pharmaceutical products, beyond-use-dating (expiration) of compounded non-sterile pharmaceuticals, drug formulation for individualized patient care, and the use of technology in teaching and assessing pharmacy skills.

  • Selected Publications

    Elder, Deborah Lester, A Practical Guide to Contemporary Pharmacy Practice and Compounding, Wolters Kluwer, 2017.

    Michael W Neville, Russ Palmer, Deborah Elder, Michael Fulford, Steve Morris, and Kellie Sappington (2015). Evaluating the Effects of Flexible Learning about Aseptic Compounding on First-year Students in a Pharmacy Skills Laboratory. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education: Volume 79, Issue 6, Article 91.

    doi: 10.5688/ajpe79691
    Ansel, Howard (2014). Pharmaceutical Calculations. LWW, Baltimore, MD, Chapters 17(“Selected Calculations in Contemporary Compounding”) and 18 (“Selected Calculations involving Veterinary Pharmaceuticals”), 13th ed., pp. 287-318.

    Elder, DL. et. al., Stability of Midazolam Intranasal Formulation for the Treatment of Status Epilepticus in Dogs, International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding, 2011, 15(1): 74-78.

    Eagleston, J. Platt, S., Elder, DL. et. al., Bioavailability of a Novel Intranasal Midazolam Gel in Dogs. American Journal Of Veterinary Research (AJVR), 2011.

    Israel, B., Garner, S.,Thakare, M., Elder, DL., et  al., Transdermal Permeation of Novel n-acetyl-glucosamine/NSAIDs Mutual Prodrugs. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, 2010, 1-7, Early Online.

    Collier JW, Thakare M, Garner ST, Israel B, Ahmed H, Granade S, Strong,  DL, et al., Accelerated dissolution testing for controlled release microspheres using the flow-through dissolution apparatus, Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, 2009 14(1): 9-17.

    **Published under Strong and Elder