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Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences is an undergraduate degree program that provides students with an understanding of how:

  • drugs are researched and developed
  • pharmaceutical drugs interact with the human body
  • pharmaceutical dosage forms are formulated, manufactured and tested
  • basic sciences play a role in the development of modern therapeutics

The B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences offers hands-on career development in a classroom environment in which learning is delivered by outstanding faculty and complemented with real-world laboratory experiments. This degree offers students the opportunity to gain valuable experience working in a Good Manufacturing Practices Laboratory while collaborating directly with faculty members on laboratory-centered, independent research projects.

Career and Job Outlook for Pharmaceutical Scientists

Graduates of BS Pharmaceutical Sciences program have various job opportunities in Pharmaceutical Industry or continue further for Graduate or Professional Schools.

Program Curriculum

A typical program of study for students in the B.S. program is available for viewing here.

A list of the upper division courses required for completion of the degree is available for viewing here.  A list of major electives is available for viewing here.

Being admitted to the Pharmaceutical Sciences major is not required to take upper division courses. While we encourage students to complete their first 60 hours as quickly as possible, some students may not complete all of these courses until their third year of the program.

A detailed comparison of the BSPS (Pharmaceutical Scientist) and the PharmD (Pharmacist) degree programs is available for viewing here.

Minor — Pharmaceutical Sciences

A Minor in Pharmaceutical Sciences requires nine (9) hours of upper division course work and six (6) hours of major electives.  For a list of these courses please see Minor Requirements.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the B.S. Program begins with the UGA Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Once admitted to The University of Georgia, students who wish to pursue the B.S. Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences begin in the degree code, Intended Major – Pharmaceutical Sciences. This degree code is used during the completion of the first 60 credit hours of the program.

Once a student has completed the first 60 hours of the program they use Athena to request a major change to the Pharmaceutical Sciences.  Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher and must have completed all English, Biology, Chemistry, Math and Physics courses with a grade of C or better.

Additional Program Information

Contact Us

Gurvinder Singh Rekhi, Ph.D.
Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences
Academic Professional Associate
Director, BSPS Program
R.C. Wilson Pharmacy Bldg, Rm 353
Office Phone: 706-542-5343

Leslie B. Standridge
Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences
Undergraduate Advisor
R.C. Wilson Pharmacy Bldg, Rm 359
Office Phone: 706-542-9755

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