To be a global leader and catalyst for innovation in pharmacy practice, education, and scientific inquiry that improves health outcomes.


To transform pharmacy practice, drive scientific discovery, and elevate the health and well-being of Georgians and the global community through innovative, collaborative, and distinctive academic programs, research, and service.

Core Values:


The College is committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching, research, and service. As such, the College embraces advancement, challenges mediocrity, and works toward the development of new knowledge through continuous improvement and innovation.


The College holds its faculty, staff, students, and institution accountable to the highest standards of ethical behavior, honesty, integrity, and conduct.


The College provides clear direction for emerging and novel perspectives while assuring compassion, flexibility, professional responsibility, and personal accountability.

 Collaboration and Communication

The College promotes professional and interprofessional collaborations to enhance and encourage the reciprocal sharing of information and ideas, to develop mutual respect across disciplines and professions, and to illuminate new areas of research and discovery in response to societal needs for health and wellness.

Diversity and Inclusion

The College recognizes the value of the cultural, individual, and experiential differences present throughout its institution and embraces this diversity through a culture of inclusiveness.

Service and Outreach

The College is dedicated to fostering life-long learning opportunities and to promoting sustained research and scholarship activities.

 Active Citizenship

The College supports a collegial environment and encourages its members to engage in its growth and welfare through their active interest in and contributions to the governance of the College.

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