Fall Interprofessional Education (IPE) Day


Video Presentation:  Virtual Fall IPE Day 2020

Additional Material for Participants

LOA Free Narcan Nasal Spray
2019 Law Summary
Legality of Dispensing and Administering Expired Naxolone in Georgia
Simple Overdose Instructions for NNS

What is Fall IPE Day?

The Third Annual Fall Interprofessional Day with students and faculty from UGA College of Social Work, AU College of Nursing, UGA College of Pharmacy and the AU/UGA Medical Partnership was held virtually on October 21, 2020.

These four professional colleges  partnered to impact the way our students interact with each other.  By prioritizing teamwork we are preparing our graduates to provide optimal patient-centered care in a collaborative effort as they enter the workforce.

This event was attended by approximately 312 students and 40 faculty from the various colleges.  After attending a presentation they were assigned to teams to work together in caring for a patient diagnosed with Opioid Use Disorder among other issues.  The goal for the session was the introduction of each profession to the others and recognition of the importance of each team member.  No patient is cared for in a bubble; it takes a team of healthcare professionals working as unit to optimize the patient’s experience.  Interprofessional Day is one of the ways we help prepare our students to enter the workforce and care for the citizens of Georgia.

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Other IPE Events

IPE PA P2 L (Interprofessional Longitudinal Experience)

On November 2, 2020, the Interprofessional Longitudinal Experience called PA P2 L came to a conclusion.  For the past 3 months first-year Physician Assistant students from Augusta University have worked with UGA College of Pharmacy second-year students to care for a patient named “Cher.”  Over 200 students participated in creating assessment and plans to manage Cher’s knee pain as a result of osteoarthritis.  There were 21 teams that convened to discuss how they should manage pain in the midst of an opioid misuse epidemic and then defend their plan for Cher to the their colleagues.  In the end the event was an overwhelming success with many of the students not only learning about each other’s profession but also becoming friends.  The partnership with these two colleges will continue when these same students have the opportunity to meet again in March 2021 to participate in an Interprofessional physical assessment event (PAP2 A)–I even think we may see Cher making a guest appearance.

IPE P1 Public Health Event (Giardia Outbreak)


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Director of Interprofessional Pharmacy
Office: 706-542-1228

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