May Xiong, Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences
Associate Professor

Professional Website

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences


Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA

Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI

B.S., Biomedical Engineering, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

Areas of Expertise

Research Areas: Drug delivery and pharmaceutics, specifically the design of macromolecules to improve iron chelation therapy and strategies to
combat multi-drug resistance in bacteria
Opportunities for Collaboration: Any area in which drug delivery is a challenge

Honors, Awards, and Achievements

Wang Y, Liu Z, Lin TM, Chanana S, Xiong MP*. Nanogel-DFO conjugates as a model to investigate pharmacokinetics, biodistribution, and iron chelation in vivo , Int J Pharm, 2018; 538(1-2) 79-86. PMID 29341909

Liu Z, Purro M, Qiao J, Xiong MP*. Multifunctional polymeric micelles for combining chelation and detection of iron in living cells, Adv Healthc Mater, 2017 (ePub ahead of print June 2017). PMCID: PMC5587393. Paper was highlighted as an inside cover article. IF=5.11

Xiong MP, Purro M. Siderophore-polymer conjugates for increasing bacterial sensitivity to antibiotics. Provisional patent No. 62/379121 was filed August 24, 2016 by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

Xiong MP, Zhi Liu, Wang Y. Redox responsive compositions and uses thereof. Provisional patent No. 62/061,008 was filed October 7, 2014 by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

Xiong MP, Wang Y, Tu S. Liposome-encapsulated hydrogels for use in a drug delivery system. Final patent application published May 8, 2014: US2014/0127287.

Xiong MP, Kwon GS, Bae Y, Kataoka K. Compositions and methods for delivery of therapeutic agents. Final patent application published September 17, 2009: US2009/0232762.

Research Interests

Dr. Xiong is interested in biomaterial-based systems in the area of iron chelation therapy, biological metal sensors, and overcoming antibiotic drug resistance in Gram-negative bacteria. Her current research is supported by an NIH R01 grant focusing on the development of materials for chelation of transfusional iron overload.

Visit Dr. Xiong’s lab website at:

Selected Publications

Liu Z, Lin TM, Purro M, Xiong MP*. Enzymatically biodegradable-polyrotaxane deferoxamine conjugates for iron chelation, ACS Appl Mater & Interfaces, 2016; 8(39) 25788-25797. PMID: 27623539

Zhi Liu, Yan Wang, Max Purro, May P Xiong. “Oxidation-induced degradable nanogels for iron chelation”, Sci Rep, Feb 12;6:20923, 2016. (link)

San Zeng, Arvinder Kapur, Manish Patankar, May P Xiong. “Formulation, characterization, and antitumor properties of trans- and cis-citral in the 4T1 breast cancer xenograft mouse model”, Pharm Res, 32(8) 2548-2558 2015. (link)

Kapur A, Felder M, Fass L, Kaur J, Czarnecki A, Rathi K, Zeng S, Osowski KK, Howell C, Xiong MP, Whelan RJ, Patankar MS*. Modulation of oxidative stress and subsequent induction of apoptosis and endoplasmic reticulum stress allows citral to decrease cancer cell proliferation. Sci Rep, 2016; 6:27530. PMID: 27270209

Yan Wang, Sheng Tu, Dana Steffen, May P Xiong. “Iron complexation to histone deacetylase inhibitors SAHA and LAQ824 in PEGylated liposomes can considerably improve pharmacokinetics in rats”, J Pharm Pharm Sci, 17(4) 583-602, 2014. (link)

Yan Wang, San Zeng, Tien-Min Lin, Lisa Krugner-Higby, Doug Lyman, Dana Steffen, May P Xiong. “Evaluating the anticancer properties of liposomal copper in a nude xenograft mouse model of human prostate cancer: formulation, in vitro, in vivo, histology, and tissue distribution studies”, Pharm Res, 31(11) 3106-3119, 2014. (link)

Yan Wang, Sheng Tu, Anatoly Pinchuck, May P Xiong. “Active drug encapsulation and release kinetics from hydrogel-in-liposome nanoparticles”. J Colloid Interface Sci, 406: 247-255, 2013. (link)

San Zeng, May P Xiong. “Trilayer micelles for combination delivery of rapamycin and siRNA targeting Y-box binding protein-1 (siYB-1)”. Biomaterials, 34(28): 6882-6892, 2013. (link)

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