Lindsay Berman featured as UGA Today’s Amazing Student

Lindsay Berman, undergraduate researcher in Dr. Mandi Murph’s lab at the College of Pharmacy, was featured as UGA Today’s Amazing Student on April 7, 2019.  Says Lindsay, “Since my junior year, I have been an undergraduate researcher in associate professor Mandi Murph’s lab in the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences Department. With the help of my graduate student, Sudeepti Kuppa, and in collaboration with Dr. Zheng’s lab, I have been primarily studying potential metastatic melanoma and ovarian cancer pharmacotherapies, namely protein arginine-methyltransferase 1 inhibitors. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to master lab techniques such as cell culture and counting, cell viability, protein extraction, Western blotting and cell transfection. I was honored to win the Best B.S. Poster Award for this research at the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences Research Day in 2018. My time working under Dr. Murph’s supervision has given me a tangible way to contribute to the fight against cancer and has given me a new appreciation for those scientists out there who are tirelessly searching for the cure (or, probably, cures).”

After graduation in Spring 2019, Lindsay plans to attend the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. Congratulations, Lindsay, on being named one of UGA’s Amazing Students!

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