Our vision is simple, focused, and straightforward – “…to be a global leader and catalyst for innovation in pharmacy practice, education, and scientific inquiry that improves health outcomes.”

Yet, there is nothing simple about how the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy pursues its commitment to excellence.  What we pursue, how we succeed, and whom we serve, now and in the future, is carefully and thoughtfully crafted in our Strategic Plan 2025, which we are proud to call “Our Prescription for the Future.”

We have bold aspirations for our future. Advancing our vision will be achieved through the implementation of this plan, which highlights and recognizes the unique missions of our diverse programs. Five broad, mission-centric directions form Our Prescription for the Future:

These strategic directions guide us as we rise to meet the diverse and complex challenges we see today in health care, education, science, and society.

We are in the midst of remarkable growth and development at the College of Pharmacy. As we continue on this trajectory, our Strategic Plan 2025 is more than a document – it is our way of life.

View the full Strategic Plan 2025.

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