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The latest COVID-19 updates from the COVID-19 Operational Leadership Team (COLT) can be found in the weekly PharmDawg Script newsletter, archived on the Publications page of our website.

Spring 2021 COVID-19 Guidance

What to Do in the Event of a Tornado Warning during the Pandemic

COVID-19 Operational Leadership Team (COLT)

  • Contact Dr. Michael Bartlett, Chair of COLT, for reporting issues related to faculty and staff.  Dr. Bartlett is authorized by the Dean to report potential cases per UGA policy.
  • Contact Dr. Duc Do for reporting issues related to students and classroom instruction. Dr. Do is authorized by the Dean to manage pandemic-related instructional and student affairs elements for ALL College Of Pharmacy degree programs.
  • Contact Ms. Ashley Townsend for pandemic-related facilities reporting and concerns, such as sanitizing requests, PPE and related equipment, facility safety analysis, as well as human resources inquiries.

College of Pharmacy COVID-19 Experts and Researchers

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