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The College of Pharmacy has created this page to provide our faculty, staff and students with the latest updates and resources on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.  Stay informed by visiting the page regularly.

UPDATE:  To help keep our Coronavirus page clear and easy to use, we have created a Coronavirus Communications Archive.  You will find past issues of the Updates + Resources Newsletter there, along with messages from the Dean’s Office, President Jere Morehead, and the University System of Georgia. No messages or links have been deleted–just moved to the Archive.  A link to the Archive page is always visible in the navigation menu on the far right side of this page.

College of Pharmacy Updates + Resources Newsletter

Week of June 22-26, 2o2o


Our PharmCast podcasts and videos feature interviews with faculty and pharmaceutical experts on a wide variety of current topics, including medication management, discoveries in new vaccines, drug regulations, and much more.  Get expert advice on COVID-19 topics for the pharmacy community and general community.

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