College of Pharmacy departments welcome new BSPS and graduate students

The Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences is pleased to welcome 31 new students into its program this semester. Boasting an average GPA of 3.52, the class is comprised of 22 females and nine males. With a 25 percent diversity rate, 26 of the students hail from Georgia, and five come from outside the state. They join the Class of 2021, which has 22 members and an average GPA of 3.27. Twenty of these students are Georgia residents; one is a non-Georgia resident; and one is an international student.

Graduate students in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences total 57 this year. There are 27 doctoral students, 10 master’s students, and eight Double-Dawg students. Females slightly outnumber the males at 30 to 27. Twenty-eight these PharmDawgs are international students. Twenty hail from Georgia.

Graduate students in the Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics Graduate Program total 11 this year. There are seven doctoral students and four master’s students, including three incoming doctoral and one incoming master’s students. All the CET graduate students have either a PharmD or a B. Pharm degree.  This year three students are returning to CET for doctoral studies after earning a master’s degree in the program.

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