Are you interested in a career as a pharmacist?  Here are some resources to help you learn more about pharmacy as a career path, the different types of pharmacy work you can do in the field, and the occupational outlook for pharmacists and graduates of our program.

Career Exploration

UGA Pharmacy Career Exploration PortalThe UGA College of Pharmacy has created the Career Exploration Portal, covering the UGA Pharmacy experiences available to help you discover all the diverse and dynamic opportunities a Doctor of Pharmacy degree provides. The portal offers many professional development videos, our Career Paths Guide, and a form for employers to submit jobs fit for our graduates!

Also, find out more about careers in the field of pharmacy using the following external resources:

  • Pharmacy Is Right For Me aims to inspire and educate the next generation of pharmacists.
  • What type of pharmacy work is best for you? Try this quiz, and be matched with pharmacy career paths that may suit you best.
  • Read in-depth Career Option Profiles for nearly 30 different pharmacy career paths.

Career Outcomes 

What can you expect after graduation?  Check out the stats about career outlooks.

  • In the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics provides data on all occupations, work environment, education, pay, and job outlook. Check out the entry on pharmacists to learn more about national statistics regarding the pharmacy field.
  • Learn more about the graduates of the UGA College of Pharmacy Pharm.D. program in the Jobs & Salaries Survey. Click the thumbnail to view full-size infographic.
  • Class of 2017:
  • Class of 2018:
  • Class of 2019:
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  • Class of 2020:

Career Resources

Preparing a resume, CV, or cover letter?  Need to prep for a job interview?  Here’s our Pharmacy Career Guide to get you started.

Questions about the UGA Doctor of Pharmacy program or about careers in pharmacy?  Contact Dr. Danielle Vitale, Director of Recruitment and Career Development at or by calling 706-542-5150.


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