Operation Heart: Operation Heart discusses hypertension and the lifestyle modifications you can make to control your blood pressure.

Women’s Health: APhA’s Women’s health operation completed an educational poster and video about the Human Papillomavirus. This poster includes both the risks, benefits, and general information about receiving the HPV vaccine

Operation Diabetes: In this video we discuss what type 2 diabetes is, some statistics in the US with type 2 diabetes, and common symptoms. We also talk about some FAQs of type 2 diabetes as well as how you can lower your risk of type 2 diabetes.

GenRx: GenerationRx is dedicated to educating the community about the dangers of misusing medications and how to avoid this. The first step is disposing of unnecessary drugs around the house.

Operation Immunization: For operation immunization, we made a trifold and did a video discussing the progress of Sinovac’s candidate vaccine for COVID-19. The study is one of a few in phase III trials.

IPSF: Operation IPSF discusses the negative effects that Covid has had in both the medical and socioeconomical setting.

OTC: Thank you for joining us at virtual Pharmtoberfest and coming here to learn about OTC medication safety. In this video, we will discuss how to measure OTC meds, how to store them, how to dispose of them, what exactly is on an OTC label, and how alcohol consumption can interact with OTC products. Check out our virtual Jeopardy game after watching the video to test your knowledge on all things OTC safety.

LKS:  Women’s Health and HPV

CPFI:  Heartburn and GERD–CPFI provides an overview of the lifestyle modifications and over-the-counter medications that can be recommended by your pharmacist for treatment of heartburn.

SOAP:  Delete Blood Cancer–In this video, we’ll discuss how you can help patients afflicted by cancer and blood disorders.


AMCP:  COVID-19 Testing and Insurance Coverage

PDC:  Let’s Talk About Sexually Transmitted Infections

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