First-year students entering UGA after Fall 2016 are required to complete at least one experiential learning activity before graduation. As a BSPS student you will be required to take a minimum of two research courses.

Students wishing to expand their experiential learning experiences may explore additional research courses, Study Abroad opportunities, service learning projects, leadership activities and many more (please go to UGA Experiential Learning for more options).

Internship Opportunities

Another opportunity for experiential learning is through internships. The following information is provided to assist students in finding internship opportunities:

GSK offers several intern and co-op opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Please go to to see the opportunities available.

Pfizer offers a Summer Student Worker Program for undergraduate and graduate students. Please go to to learn more about opportunities.

Mylan has a paid, 12-week summer internship program that is open to undergraduate students. Please go to to learn more about the program.

AbbVie offers 10-12 week summer internships in several science focus areas. Please go to to learn more.

Biogen offers internships, co-ops and postdoctoral positions through their University Relations programs. Please go to to see what educational opportunities are currently available both in the U.S. and Europe.

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education offers internships, scholarships and fellowships at national laboratories and federal agencies. Please visit ORISE at:

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