The Office of Student Affairs in the College of Pharmacy is committed to the career development of all Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) students and alumni.  The Career Development program was created to give current Pharm.D. students and alumni access to services to elevate their professional knowledge and career-related skills in order to develop career plans, explore post-graduation plans and objectives, and to cultivate mature career-related decision-making strategies.

Students can request individual career counseling appointments to work on and develop professional materials, such as curriculum vitae and cover letters, or to practice professional skills such as interviewing and networking.  Through events like professional development workshops and seminars, students have opportunities to develop relationships with employers, to connect with to job opportunities, and receive access to career information resources.

Individual Career Counseling

Individual career counseling is available for all current students and alumni of the College of Pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program.  Topics for individual consultation include:

  • Career advisement
  • Resumes and curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Cover letters
  • Interview skills
  • Networking and business correspondence
  • Preparation for internship, residency, or fellowship search processes
  • And more!

For individual career counseling sessions, contact Dr. Danielle Vitale, the Director of Recruitment and Career Development, at 706-542-5150 or via email at (

Career Development Resource Library

All current Doctor of Pharmacy students have access to the online Career Development Resource Library found on eLC.  Through this library, students have access to a growing list of resources to help navigate their own personal career development.  There are resources about resume or CV development, cover letter writing, interview skills, the residency search process, the job search process, and more!

Students can also find career opportunities and position announcements in the Career Resource Library.

All Pharm.D. students will have access to this resource library while enrolled in the Pharm.D. program and for 1 year afterward (when students’ MyID expires after graduation).

This resource library can be used to supplement your career development but should not be used to completely replace in-person consultation.

To access this library of resources, log into eLC using your MyID and password.

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy (PHRM 3500)

In the spring semester of the P1 year, all Doctor of Pharmacy students take PHRM 3500, Career Opportunities in Pharmacy.  The course is designed to help students explore different pharmacy career pathways and on necessary developmental activities for each path (i.e., residency/fellowship, CE, board certification, etc.).  The course also explores the role and importance of professional organizations, networking, and professional behaviors necessary to succeed in pharmacy practice.

Career Opportunities

For available positions, including pharmacy interns, internships, fellowships, residencies, and pharmacist positions, visit the Career Development Resource Library on eLC.

Additional Resources for Students:

UGA College of Pharmacy Career Guide – Second Edition

Pharmacy Is Right For Me

APhA Career Pathway Evaluation

ACCP Career Development Resources

College of Pharmacy Career Development Contact Information

Danielle Vitale, Ph.D.
Director of Recruitment and Career Development






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