Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Master of Science in Pharmacy dual degree program at the University of Georgia (UGA) provides students with an interdisciplinary education with strong training in the pharmaceutical sciences enhanced by specialization in either regulatory science or bench research in the pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences. Graduates of this program will have the strong knowledge and skills typical of our BS program students combined with greater practical skills. The program’s focus on drug discovery and development underscores results in well-rounded students who will have developed a specialization that will distinguish them from typical students and enhance their career path development.

Currently, the BS/MS dual degree program is offered for:

  • Students currently enrolled in the B.S. Program in the Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Students desiring increased exposure to bench research in the areas of pharmacology, medicinal chemistry or pharmaceutics or advanced coursework and research in the regulatory sciences.

The BS/MS dual degree program is the first of its kind in the nation. Students enrolled in this program will complete a 159-hour curriculum in 5 years (including one summer semester).

The BS/MS program is available to students attending the Athens campus at the University of Georgia. The courses in the regulatory sciences track are all online and are taught by practicing professionals in the field. For more detailed information about the program, including course requirements and sample programs of study, please see the undergraduate dual degrees brochure.

BS/MS Tracks

The M.S. track in Regulatory Sciences trains students in current drug regulations governing the development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, animal health and combination products. Graduates with this combination degree would be ideal for Regulatory positions in CMC (chemistry, manufacturing, and control) and/or research and development. This track would provide students with considerable expertise in the global regulatory sciences and make them extremely competitive for positions in industry where most of this information has to be learned on the job.

The M.S. track in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences provides students with the ability to specialize in the areas of pharmacology, drug delivery, or medicinal chemistry. Graduates from this track would gain considerable intensive laboratory training that would provide them the practical experience to become more competitive for research positions in industry, or to prepare for highly competitive graduate programs that value previous research experience.

Why Pursue Dual BS/MS Degrees?

The curriculum for the BS/MS Program was created to offer specialized advanced training in specific areas of the pharmaceutical sciences in a more time efficient manner than obtaining the two degrees separately. The courses recommended for the BS/MS degree comply with all aspects of the University of Georgia and the University System Board of Regents policies for coursework requirements for undergraduate and graduate degrees. The credit hours for the B.S. portion of the degree are identical (120 hrs) while the M.S. portion is reduced due to the ability to conduct research beginning with the 3rd year of the B.S. Program. The first two years of coursework is distributed over the categories shown below. In terms of course content, there is no difference in the core courses of either program. However, the major electives are more restricted when choosing the BS/MS option in order to maximize the synergy between the programs.

BS/MS Curriculum–Effective Fall 2023

Regulatory Sciences Track

Pharmaceutical Sciences Track

Earnings and Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor and Georgia Department of Economic Development Statistics, between 2012-2022:

  • Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists are expected to grow by 22%
  • Medical Scientist employment is expected to grow by 13%
  • In Georgia, the areas of Professional, Scientific and Technical Services are expected to grow by over 29%

Having a dual BS/MS degree gives you access to positions in these fast-growing fields, which could increase your chances of finding employment after graduation.

Areas of practice for BS/MS graduates include:

  • Research and Development
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Process Development and Validation
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Compliance

Admissions Information

Applicants to the BS/MS dual degree program must apply in the Spring semester of their 3rd year. The deadline is May 1.

Completing two rigorous degree programs simultaneously requires that students have a strong academic record. The admission requirements for the program reflect the demanding nature of graduate studies.

Application Process

Students must follow the application instructions for the program they are applying to:

  • Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences Track
  • Regulatory Sciences Track

Admission Requirements

For complete admission requirements, visit UGA Double Dawgs and scroll down the list to Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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