Susan Kane

At 18, Susan Kane worked in a pharmacy in her hometown of Griffin, Georgia. She grew fascinated by the profession, marveling at the benefits the right prescriptions brought to her community. How, she wondered, does a little pill know where to go in the body to make a person healthier?

“I really wanted to know how it worked,” Susan said. “I had contact through my early jobs with all these smart pharmacists who went to UGA, so I applied to UGA’s College of Pharmacy.”

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Andre Mackey

Andre Mackey only had eyes for UGA when it came to applying for college. Once he received his early acceptance letter, the Bainbridge, Georgia, native didn’t apply anywhere else.

Andre thoroughly enjoyed his experience at UGA in the 1980s. “Everyone was welcoming and accepting,” he said. He joined two fraternities – one in undergrad and another while in pharmacy school. He made lifelong friends through his activities on and off campus.

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Mike Wooten

This past June, Michael Wooten reached out to the UGA College of Pharmacy Office of Development & Alumni Relations hoping to learn more about supporting a scholarship that would have an impact on current students. Mike had completed his BSPH and PharmD, at UGA, in 1993 and 1994, and then went on to complete a residency at Mission St. Joseph’s in Asheville, North Carolina.

Mike described that during his pharmacy practice residency that he would attend biweekly sessions with the pharmacy director of Mission St. Joseph’s. “Of course, we discussed the operations of hospital pharmacy.  In addition, we had in depth conversations on the best way to lead teams, the direction of clinical pharmacy and how to bring out the best in people you work alongside.  During my residency, we were required to read books by Peter Drucker and, of course Steven Covey.”

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