American Association of Psychiatric Pharmacists (AAPP)

Faculty Advisor – Linda Logan

The American Association of Psychiatric Pharmacists is dedicated to shedding light on the issues facing psychiatric and neurologic pharmacy. AAPP’s main goal is to spread awareness to the students and community. AAPP members organize events such as guest speakers in the field, posting social media blasts for awareness, participating in philanthropy walks, and participating in NAMI’s mental illness awareness week. AAPP members also believe that fundraising for national nonprofit organizations that advocate for psychological and neurologic disorders can have a huge impact on awareness and improving the lives of those living with these conditions. Therefore, members have participated in fundraising for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Down Syndrome Association, Autism Association, and more. AAPP also advocates for a stigma free environment in our school and profession. Since the rate of mental disorders is increasing in the American population, AAPP also feels it be important to create a support system for its members, the college of pharmacy, and the community. As a unique feature of the UGA chapter, we organize mental health breaks for our members and friends. These events include movie nights, attending sporting events, adult coloring sessions, yoga in the park, and more! This allows us to take a break from stressful lives and bond with each other. By doing this, we have created an environment of support to benefit our own mental health while we advocate for mental health within the profession.


Faculty Advisors – Brian Seagraves

The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) chapter at the University of Georgia promotes student interest in careers in managed care organizations and the pharmaceutical industry. Each year a wide variety of professionals and alumni share experiences and insight into the role of a Pharm.D. in various industry career paths. The chapter actively participates in the AMCP National Pharmacy & Therapeutics competition and student members can qualify to compete on the national level. Our innovative chapter focuses on building leaders who will pursue competitive positions throughout the managed care and pharmaceutical industry. Nationally, AMCP is an association of pharmacists and associates who serve the public through the promotion of wellness and rational drug therapy by applying managed care principles. AMCP empowers their members to develop leadership, clinical, and business skills through varied opportunities at the local, regional, and national level. AMCP also provides members opportunities to network with managed care professionals, providing career information and assisting with securing fellowships, residencies, and job placement after graduation.


Faculty Advisors – Michelle McElhannon and Lindsey Welch

The American Pharmacist Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) is the largest organization at University of Georgia College of Pharmacy. Our mission is “to be the collective voice of student pharmacists, to provide opportunities for professional growth, and to envision and actively promote the future of pharmacy.” Membership allows students to be involved at the local, state, and national level. Your involvement in ASP chapter affairs helps to assure that you better understand the contemporary issues affecting pharmacy and contributes to the future development of your chosen profession. Members advocate for the pharmacy profession at events like Pharmacy Day at the Dome by discussing pharmacy policy with their representatives. We also hold community outreach events, health fairs, and patient education events. APhA-ASP holds the College’s largest event, Dawgtoberfest, during the fall semester. Students are able to practice skills learned in class and labs in our Patient Counseling Competition. Member services include priority inclusion in every chapter-hosted professional development event, subscriptions for one year to the APhA monthly journal, the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, the quarterly APhA-ASP newsletter, The Student Pharmacist, and the Georgia Pharmacy Association newsletter, as well as offering additional study materials for board exams.


Faculty Advisor – Henry Young

Black Student Pharmacist Organization (BSPO) was founded on the Univ. of Georgia’s campus in 2020 as a sister to the founding chapter at the Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City. Our mission is to effectively recruit, serve, and retain underrepresented minority students studying pharmacy by enhancing their academic experience through the following systems of support: informational, academic, social, and community service. BSPO aims to provide a social support group for Black and African-American students within the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy. By providing special programming that is geared towards our unique cultural experience, we strive to not only provide networking opportunities for Black students to connect with pharmacists that resemble themselves but to also expose the College of Pharmacy and Athens community to societal barriers that have historically limited Black individuals from obtaining access to higher education. Membership is open to all currently enrolled students, faculty & staff.


Faculty Advisor – Robin Southwood

The Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International is an interdenominational ministry of individuals working in all areas of pharmaceutical service and practice. The mission of CPFI is to bring about spiritual growth and the advancement of knowledge and ethics in the service and practice of pharmacy by providing the resources, tools and expertise necessary to challenge, encourage and promote the integration of Christian principles and standards within that practice.


Faculty Advisor – Duc Do

The Dean’s Student Advisory Council serves as a resource for the Dean pertaining to the enhancement of the College of Pharmacy, its programs, and the profession of pharmacy. DSAC serves as the voice of the student body and provides a link to the administration. Each member works collaboratively to welcome incoming students each fall through New Student Orientation/Rx Bootcamp, improve student satisfaction, and strengthen policies within the College. The presidents and vice presidents (or equivalents) of student organizations in the College as well as the president, vice-president, and/or class representatives from each professional year, make up the membership of the DSAC.


Faculty Advisors- Andrew Darley and Trisha Branan

The Georgia Society of Health-System Pharmacists at the University of Georgia is an officially recognized student society of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and aims to provide student pharmacists with opportunities to gain further insight into health-system pharmacy through networking events, patient advocacy, and volunteer opportunities. Each fall, we hold a residency roundtable networking dinner featuring program directors and residents throughout Georgia who discuss their residency program offerings with students and what makes each one unique. This event affords students the chance to learn more about residencies from experts in a comfortable setting to better determine how a residency will aid in their future careers. Throughout the year we offer workshops, presentations, journal clubs, and clinical competitions to provide further insight into health-system pharmacy and aid in the professional development of student pharmacists. GSHP also offers numerous speakers from various practice settings representing health-systems throughout the state and across the country. Additionally, we work in collaboration with our state GSHP organization to plan and attend regional meetings in Savannah and Amelia Island. We hope to continue to provide an outlet to educate all students about the benefits of careers in health-system pharmacy and prepare them for their future roles as institutional practitioners. Membership is open to all students. Our website can be found at

Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO)

Faculty Advisor – Gurvinder Singh Rekhi

The UGA Chapter of the Industry Pharmacists Organization is focused on advancing the careers of aspiring industry pharmacists. Chartered in 2018, our chapter prides itself on providing members with resources, networking events, and access to opportunities and representatives in the industry. Throughout the year numerous professionals in different areas of pharmaceutical industry give presentations to members on their careers and similar career options for pharmacists. National members are invited to partake in webinars, which cover topics like fellowship positions and how to best prepare for post-graduate industry pathways. A key event in our chapter is a round table networking event which allows students to communicate with current industry pharmacists and better prepare themselves for the field. Going forward, IPhO will continue to have a place at UGA because this is an area of pharmacy where students have demonstrated a strong interest in growth for our school and its curriculum, and we hope that it will help to better prepare students for successful careers within industry pharmacy.


Faculty Advisors – Brian Seagraves

Kappa Psi is an international pharmaceutical fraternity founded in 1879 that has since grown to 97 collegiate and 66 graduate chapters, making it the largest and oldest pharmaceutical fraternity. The Brothers of Kappa Psi seek to promote the values of industry, sobriety, and fellowship and to advance the pharmacy profession. The Gamma Phi Chapter at UGA is an all-male Chapter and was chartered in 1951. The brothers are involved in a variety of extracurricular activities, but they are particularly focused on giving back to the community and the college. The service projects that highlight our annual activities include Red Cross Blood Drives and Northeast Georgia Food Bank Drives that directly help the Athens area. Kappa Psi encourages participation and leadership in school functions, both academic and otherwise. The brothers are active members in numerous College of Pharmacy organizations and often hold officer positions as well. Aside from service activities, Kappa Psi emphasizes participation in a variety of intramural sports and athletics. The brothers of Kappa Psi understand the importance of balancing work with play as they host social events at the house on South Lumpkin Street. All of the events require guests to donate items directed towards various philanthropies supported by Kappa Psi. While the attention of Kappa Psi is to further our profession and our college, the brothers garner a lifetime of professional and fraternal bonds with each other and the alumni. Whether through athletics, social functions, or community projects, the bonds forged through Kappa Psi will last throughout school and our professional careers.


Faculty Advisor – Larry Aull

Lambda Kappa Sigma is a professional fraternity for pharmacy women. The Alpha Kappa Chapter was established in 1958 at the University of Georgia, where it provides professional and social guidance. The objectives of LKS include: (a) providing a place for fellowship for women away from the scholastic atmosphere, (b) offering a personal approach to the adjustment to the field of pharmacy and campus life at UGA, (c) providing encouragement for academic accomplishments, (d) being of service to the community as a vital health practitioner and (e) expanding opportunities for professional advances beyond the college years.
Here at UGA, the Alpha Kappa Chapter invites all pharmacy women to recruit in the fall semester. In addition to better acquainting members with fellow students, this activity helps new students learn more about the fraternity and become familiar with pharmacy school itself. Invitations to join are offered at the completion of recruitment events. As a professional pharmacy organization, LKS actively participates in service projects, including sponsorship of an “In Their Shoes” team, which benefits the Loran Smith Center at ARMC, hosting a Girl Scouts’ Day to help them earn their first aid badge, and volunteering at the local food bank and Athens Area Homeless Shelter. Social activities include recruitment events, summer retreat, Apothecary Ball, and many more. For many pharmacy women, membership in LKS provides a break from pressures of classwork by establishing a place for fellowship. The Alpha Kappa Chapter of LKS has become a significant voice among many pharmacy women at the University of Georgia.


Faculty Advisor – Ashley Hannings

The NCPA student chapter of UGA is the representative group for the National Community Pharmacists Association. NCPA is a national organization which represents the interests of Independent Pharmacy. The goal of our student chapter is to educate the student members on the opportunities that entrepreneurship provides and enable them through networking and other activities to take advantage of the opportunities available. Membership is open to any student in the College of Pharmacy. NCPA membership allows students the opportunity to apply for scholarships and compete in national NCPA competitions. Guests from many areas of community pharmacy are invited to speak at chapter meetings to inform our members of the many aspects of community pharmacy. Our UGA Chapter currently provides educational events with health screenings at local pharmacies. The pocket reference Clinical Pearls: A Pharmacotherapy Guide for Student Practice Experiences, is updated annually by our members. NCPA is truly the voice of the community pharmacist.


Faculty Advisor – William Huang

The National Hispanic Pharmacists Association is a national organization with the mission to improve pharmacist presence in Hispanic communities by improving cultural competence in the pharmacy arena to foster better health outcomes for Hispanic patients.


Faculty Advisors – William Huang and Randall Tackett

Phi Delta Chi (PDC) is a co-ed professional fraternity of pharmacy whose objective is to advance the science of pharmacy and its allied interests, and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members. Its motto, “Alterum Alterius Auxilio Eget,” meaning “Each Needs the Help of the Other,” demonstrates PDC’s attitude towards the college, community, and its members. Founded in 1883, PDC is the first Greek letter organization established for members of pharmacy only. Among its 40,000 members were the late Eli Lilly and Hubert Humphrey. The University of Georgia PDC Chapter, Alpha Iota (AI), was founded in 1937 and has initiated over 1,000 Brothers. The late R.C. Wilson, Georgia’s Father of Pharmacy, was a charter member of Alpha Iota. Membership in PDC is by invitation only. Rush events are held each year during the fall semester and bids are issued to persons demonstrating the ideals of the fraternity. PDC has a rigorous pledge period after which eligibility for membership is determined. Professional, service, and social projects comprise many of the group’s activities. In service to the profession and the public, PDC participates in health fairs, hosts a 5k run/walk, volunteers at Talmadge, and sponsors events for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Social activities include football tailgates, low-country boil, Spring Formal, and a retreat twice a year. Our Alpha Iota chapter is nationally ranked amongst the 100 chapters nationwide and has been participating in an achievement award program encouraging excellence and communication among chapters. Members attend Regional Conferences, Leader-Development Seminars, and Grand Council regularly to help further develop our Brothers being the leaders of pharmacy for tomorrow.


Faculty Advisor – Linda Logan

Phi Lambda Sigma, the Pharmacy Leadership Society, is a national honor society whose mission is to recognize student pharmacist leaders and to promote the development of leadership within the pharmacy profession. In 1974, the Delta Chapter of Phi Lambda Sigma was organized at the University of Georgia. Membership consists of four categories: student, faculty, honorary, and alumni. To be eligible for membership, a student shall be in their second or third year of study, of high moral and ethical character, and shall meet scholastic and curriculum standards. Nomination for membership is made on the basis of the nominee’s demonstration of dedication, service, and leadership in the advancement of pharmacy. The purpose of Phi Lambda Sigma is to recognize those individuals who have attained a high degree of leadership through their time and efforts focused on the betterment of the profession. The objective is to encourage these people to continue their worthy endeavor and to stimulate others to attain these high ideals. To be elected into this society is rightfully considered one of the high points of one’s career. As an organization, we hope to encourage leadership and service throughout the College of Pharmacy.


Faculty Advisor – Lori Duke

The Rho Chi Society is the national pharmacy honor society that recognizes academic excellence of pharmacy students. The organizational mission is to encourage and recognize intellectual achievement, stimulate critical inquiry to advance pharmacy, contribute to the development of intellectual leaders, promote the highest ethical standards, and foster collaboration. In order to be invited to join the Rho Chi Society, Doctor of Pharmacy students must have completed at least three semesters in pharmacy and have a pharmacy grade point average in the top 20% of their class. The Alpha Kappa chapter of the Rho Chi Society was founded at the University of Georgia in 1948.


Faculty Advisor – Linda Logan

The Mission of the RxPups Student Society of Pediatric Advocates (RxPups SSPA) is to bring awareness to the proper use of medication therapy in pediatric populations through various service and education-based initiatives. Service activities center around lending our medication-based knowledge to pediatric patients and their parents in our community. Educational activities are directed toward student members in an effort to safely and effectively extend pharmacy practice to pediatric populations by building relationships with mentors and professionals in the health care community, as well as supplementing didactic coursework with lectures by specialists and our peers. Overall, Rx Pups SSPA advocates for the safety and happiness of young patients while learning and having fun along the way.


Staff Advisor – Kim Hamby

The mission of the Senior Legacy Committee is to increase student awareness about the importance of alumni support and to challenge students to give back to the College of Pharmacy. Through student contributions to an annual student scholarship, the Committee also fosters a spirit of giving back by helping fellow students understand the necessity of philanthropy.


Faculty Advisors – Beth Phillips & Rebecca Stone

The Student College of Clinical Pharmacy is a recognized student chapter of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP). Our mission is to educate students about the opportunities of clinical pharmacy throughout their careers as student pharmacists and practitioners and to further develop their clinical skill set through leadership opportunities, clinical guest speakers representing various practice areas, community service, conferences, and clinical knowledge-based challenges. Meetings often include insight into clinical pharmacy topics, residencies, and research opportunities. SCCP provides students with an opportunity for publication with our biannual newsletter, Student Clinical Digest. This provides a great opportunity for students to research current topics in pharmacy and further develop their writing skills. SCCP also hosts the College of Pharmacy Research Day, which provides current PhD and PharmD students and faculty with an opportunity to present their original research via poster sessions to members of the College. We hope to continue to host this research-focused event in the future and provide opportunities for students to gain further insight into the practice of clinical pharmacy. Membership is open to all students at the College of Pharmacy.


Faculty Advisor – J. Russell May

Student Pharmacist Diabetes Organization (SPDO) promotes an increased understanding of diabetes, a disease state that affects over 25 million children and adults in the United States. Our objective is to encourage pharmacy students to become more clinically oriented to diabetes care through education and through community outreach. SPDO is fulfilling its educational purpose in a variety of ways, including regular journal club participation and guest speaker presentations. We are also offering opportunities for involvement through the publication of the Diabetes in Focus newsletter. This newsletter presents articles concerning up to date diabetes care, pharmacy trends, and clinical pearls. Furthermore, the newsletter serves as a writing opportunity for pharmacy students and a venue to see the process of newsletter publication. SPDO offers opportunities for community outreach through involvement in health fairs. Moreover, SPDO participates in fundraising events throughout the year, including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) walk in Augusta, GA to raise support for juvenile diabetes research and school-wide fundraisers to raise support for the American Diabetes Association (ADA). We are also coordinating with Student Society of Pediatric Advocates (SSPA), Operation Diabetes, and Barney’s Pharmacy to host a support group called “Sweeties” for children with type 1 diabetes and their parents. The goal is to offer a forum for patient discussion and educational points about managing the disease state.


Faculty Advisors – Deborah Elder & Vivia Hill-Silcott

The Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) is an educational and service organization dedicated to the pharmacy profession, professional development, and the full participation of a diverse student body in pharmacy and other health-related professions. As an organization, SNPhA does the following: offers members the opportunity to develop leadership and professional skills, promotes active participation in national health care issues to students and the public, articulates the role of minority health professionals as vital members of the health care team, and educates communities on better health practices increasing their awareness and understanding of diseases and their prevention. SNPhA plans, organizes, coordinates and presents programs to improve the health, education and social environment of the community. Members also play an active role in regional and national association meetings.


Faculty Advisors – Amber Clemmons & Randall Tackett

Student Oncological Advocates in Pharmacy (SOAP) is an organization whose main purpose is to increase awareness of cancer and its treatments while focusing on the people behind the disease. SOAP’s primary philanthropic organization is Georgia’s only NCI designated cancer center, Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. SOAP hosts several events benefiting Winship including making cards with goodie bags for cancer patients during holidays and hosting our annual 5k that raises money for phase 1 clinical trial research. SOAP also supports a number of other cancer related organizations including: Free to Breathe 5k, In Their Shoes 5k, Camp Kesem, and Relay for Life. In Athens SOAP hosts various educational and charitable programming including a World Cancer Day event and participation in the College of Pharmacy’s annual health fair. These events give students the opportunity to give back to the community, as well as interact with cancer patients and healthcare professionals in the field of oncology pharmacy. SOAP has been featured in newsletters at the College of Pharmacy and has an online newsletter of their own available on the UGA RX website. Overall, SOAP serves as a way to unite all those who have been touched by cancer.

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