Strategic Direction III: Strengthening Partnerships with Communities across Georgia & around the World

The College of Pharmacy advances local, national, and global partnerships and collaborations that support the expansion and growth of our teaching, research and outreach endeavors.

Strategic Goal 1: Stakeholder Partnerships/Collaborations
Maximize partnership opportunities with key stakeholders that advance teaching, research, patient care and outreach endeavors.

Strategic Goal 2: Health Disparities & Rural Health
Cultivate and maintain a distinctive and intentional initiative that addresses health disparities and advances health equity with an emphasis on empowering rural and underserved communities.

Strategic Goal 3: Community Engagement/ Outreach/ Service
Expand and strengthen our presence and impact in local, national, and global communities through service, education, patient care, and research.

Strategic Goal 4: Communication
Strategically communicate the advancement of the UGA College of Pharmacy Mission and Vision with internal and external stakeholders.

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