3 Areas of Excellence

The Department of Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy has 3 major components: Clinical Pharmacy, Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics and Pharmaceutical Health Services, Outcomes, and Policy. Together they make up a diverse and thriving department with locations in Athens, Augusta, Albany and Savannah.

We offer doctor of pharmacy, residency and graduate programs in partnership with leading health care providers. Our goal is to be nationally and internationally recognized in the areas of public health, drug policy, pharmacoeconomics and outcomes related to drug therapy. We intend to be a leading program for therapeutics-related research that connects the basic science laboratory with clinical practice.

Clinical Pharmacy

Our Clinical Pharmacy group practices and teaches pharmaceutical care at the cutting edge of the profession throughout Georgia in a variety of community, inpatient and outpatient settings. Practice sites located in Athens, Augusta, Albany and Savannah enrich the health of Georgians while educating our students and contributing to the stature of the College. Through the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy and its practice partners, we are proud to offer several unique and challenging post-graduate residency training opportunities.

Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics (CET)

Our CET group, jointly based at the University of Georgia in Athens and Augusta University in Augusta, conducts nationally and internationally recognized translational research from laboratory to patient bedside.  For more information visit the CET page at http://rx.uga.edu/academic-programs/phd/clinical-and-experimental-therapeutics.

Pharmaceutical Health Services, Outcomes, and Policy (PHSOP)

Our PHSOP group, located in Athens, conducts innovative research focused on health services, medication use, public policy, and patient-reported, clinical, and economic outcomes with the aim of improving the health and well-being of society.  The PHSOP group is composed of a multidisciplinary faculty with expertise in pharmacy administration, marketing, epidemiology, economics, nutrition, and social and behavioral sciences.  For more information visit the PHSOP page at http://rx.uga.edu/academic-programs/phd/pharmaceutical-health-services-outcomes-and policy.

Critical Care Collaborative (UGAC3)

The University of Georgia Critical Care Collaborative (UGAC3) was formed in 2017 with a mission of fostering critical care research and education across the state of Georgia. The UGAC3 is composed of clinical faculty members at the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy, located across the four UGA COP campuses in Albany, Athens, Augusta, and Savannah. The group collaborates to stimulate professional development, scholarship, and teaching. We strive to promote innovative critical care education in the pharmacy curriculum and to conduct clinical research that will improve the outcomes of critically ill patients in Georgia and beyond. For updates on group initiatives, follow us on Twitter @UGAC3.  For more information visit the Critical Care Collaborative page at https://rx.uga.edu/departments/academic/clinical-administrative-pharmacy/critical-care-collaborative/

Contact Us

Athens Campus

250 W. Green Street
Athens, GA 30602
Phone 706-542-5317
Fax 706-542-5228
Department Head: Bradley Phillips, Pharm.D., BCPS, FCCP
Graduate Coordinator: Randall Tackett, Ph.D.
Director, Skills Laboratory: Brian Seagraves, Pharm.D.

Augusta Campus

914 New Baillie St.
HM Building
Augusta, GA 30901
Phone 706-721-4915
Fax 706-721-3994
Associate Department Head/Assistant Dean, AU Program: J. Russell May, Pharm.D., FASHP

Albany Campus

1000 N. Jefferson Street
Albany, GA 31701
Phone 229-312-0166
Fax 229-312-2155

Savannah Campus

5356 Reynolds Street
Professional Office Building, Suite 25
Savannah, GA 31405
Phone 912-819-7715
Fax  912-819-7731

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