The Office of Instructional Innovation and Research supports faculty and enhances student learning through practical and research-driven educational services. Our focus is on educational research, instructional design, and faculty development to support innovative teaching and improve student outcomes.

Services Provided:

  1. Educational Research: Our research focuses on designing, implementing, and improving innovative teaching methods in pharmacy education. Our goal is to enhance learning experiences and contribute to the advancement of the field.
  2. Instructional Design: We specialize in developing and supporting learning tools and resources tailored to the unique needs of pharmacy education. We work closely with faculty to create engaging learning materials, ensure instructional alignment with curricular goals, and integrate innovative technologies to enhance the overall educational experience.
  3. Faculty Development: We offer a range of professional development opportunities, highlighted by our FACT workshop series, online courses, and project-based consultations . These initiatives are designed to enhance teaching skills and foster innovative educational approaches among our faculty.

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