The PBS graduate program will provide the academic, research, and administrative resources necessary to meet the program goals:

  • Give students breadth of knowledge in modern pharmaceutical and biomedical science disciplines and application to drug discovery and development.
  • Give students depth of knowledge and technical training in their area of study.
  • Develop a strong work ethic and time management skills in graduate students.
  • Train students to conduct research with the highest ethical standards.
  • Teach students to think critically and creatively to solve difficult scientific problems.
  • Teach students to speak and write about their research clearly and convincingly and successfully compete for external research funding.
  • Teach students to critically evaluate their own data and results in the scientific literature.
  • Promote a rigorous academic and research environment in which students will add to the current knowledge in their fields.
  • Train students to be independent scholars who will make original and important contributions to their fields.
Admission Requirements

Admission Procedures and Criteria

The primary mechanism for admission to the PhD program in the PBS department is through the UGA Integrated Life Sciences (ILS) Graduate Admission Portal program.  Students apply to ILS, not directly to the PBS program. Key factors considered for admission to the ILS graduate program are: prior research experience and productivity; evidence of work ethic and commitment to biomedical research; evidence of appropriate educational background; grade point average; English language exam scores (for international applicants); references (particularly from laboratory supervisors); research interests of available faculty mentors; and other requirements of the UGA Graduate School. Admitted students will select a major professor and degree-granting program after the first semester in the program based on laboratory rotations. ILS students may arrange rotations with PBS faculty during their first semester in the ILS program by directly contacting PBS faculty affiliated with the ILS program. If, at the end of the first semester, an ILS student and PBS faculty member mutually agree for a student to join the PBS faculty member’s lab group, a formal request must be submitted to the PBS graduate coordinator and PBS Department Head to review the student’s credentials and confirm availability of financial support for the student. Admission to the PBS graduate program is not official until approval by the Graduate Coordinator and Department Head is obtained.

It is also possible, but less common, for PhD applicants to be admitted directly into the program with a pre-selected and confirmed faculty advisor. Those eligible for direct admission must have the faculty advisor notify the Graduate coordinator, and the student must email indicating an intent for direct admission.

Transfer Students

Students wishing to transfer to the PBS PhD program from another graduate program are assessed by the same criteria as other incoming students. UGA does not allow the transfer of credits for PhD students.

Application Procedure

Admissions to the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences graduate program is managed through the Integrated Life Sciences program. Instructions for submitting your application  can be found at their website. The application deadline is December 1st.

PBS Ph.D. Program Handbook and Student Forms
PBS Graduate Programs Brochure
Current Student Directory
Graduate Student & Professional Organizations

Departmental Student Organizations:
Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Student Organization (PBSO)

National Professional Organizations:
American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)




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