The mission of the Office of Business Affairs is to support the College of Pharmacy’s mission of education, research, service and outreach, by providing administrative support and relevant and accurate financial information in a timely manner and facilitating transactions to optimize the use of available College resources.

The College of Pharmacy Office of Business Affairs is the administrative support unit for financial and personnel matter for all college departments. In this role the office staff review all financial and personnel transactions in a timely manner, and ensure documents concur with established UGA policies and procedures. The staff provides assistance and advice to the College of Pharmacy staff and faculty. The objective of the Business Affairs website is to direct staff and faculty to relevant University policies and procedures relating to the following areas–-Financial, Human Resources (Personnel) and Contracts and Grants.

You will find information relating to the Business Affairs staff, administrative policies and procedures, and other matters of interest on these pages. All department personnel, budget amendments, purchase and check requests, travel authority, payroll, etc. flow through this office.


Q: What is a UGA MyID and how do I request one?
The UGA MyID is the sign-on name that students, faculty, and staff use to access a wide range of online services at UGA. Each MyID has a password associated with it that needs to be supplied when accessing these services. To request a UGA MyID please go to this link. This is only available on the UGA campus network.

Q: How do I report annual or sick leave? How do I check my current leave balance?
The College of Pharmacy leave system has been replaced by OneUSG Connect.  Please complete your leave request by logging in to OneUSG Connect Employee Self-Service at the URL below:

Q. How do I make a reservation for a College of Pharmacy vehicle?
All vehicle reservations are made online. Please read the instructions on how to create an account and request a reservation at the link below.

Q. How do I change my tax deduction?
Submit a revised Federal Tax Form or Georgia Tax Form to the UGA Payroll Department. You can find the link to these forms below.
Form W-4
Form G-4

Q. How do I setup my direct deposit?
All employees are required to enroll in direct deposit within thirty (30) days of hire and remain enrolled in direct deposit for the duration of their employment unless granted an exemption. You can find the link to the Direct Deposit Request form here.

Q. My bank account information has changed (i.e. bank account closed, changed banks, new routing number). What do I need to do to change this information?
Submit a new Direct Deposit Request Form to Payroll. You can find the link to this form here. Payroll will delete the previous account, and it will take three to four weeks to set up the new account. Please keep in mind that during this change you may receive a payroll check instead of a transfer through direct deposit.

Q If I’m a biweekly employee how do I report my hours worked in the MyTime (Kronos) system?
The MyTime (Kronos) system is accessed using a web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. The employee utilizes their MyID to login. Please click here to see the demo for more information.

Q. What is and how do I apply for leave under FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)?
Any employee (including part-time and temporary) of the University of Georgia, who has…
‐ been employed by the University of Georgia for at least twelve months total (not
necessarily the last twelve months),
‐ worked at least 1,250 hours during the 12-month period immediately preceding
the leave
…is eligible to be granted family leave for conditions authorized by the Family and Medical Leave Act. The Act provides that employees may be granted up to twelve work weeks of job-protected leave during a 12-month period, or 26 work weeks in the case of qualifying exigencies related to certain military-related situations. You can find the link here for more information and forms related to FMLA.

Q. What is and how to I apply for Shared leave?
Employees at the University of Georgia may voluntarily donate sick or annual leave to other employees who have exhausted all of their sick and annual leave and, because of a serious medical condition (see definition at link below), are in need of additional leave. The employee will be eligible for shared leave during the time his/her physician indicates he/she or a family member is experiencing a serious medical condition. You can find the link here for more information related to the Shared Leave program.

Q. How do I hire a new UGA employee?
You can refer to this link that covers the checklists for hiring employees.

Q. How do I update my mailing address or phone #?
Please use the UGA Self-Service website to make changes in your home address & phone information. As an employee, it is your responsibility to maintain a correct home address for official UGA correspondence including, but not limited to, benefits correspondence and the annual distribution of W-2 forms. You can find the link to the UGA Self-Service site here.

Q. When will I get paid?
Payment for services performed by a UGA employee will be made on regularly scheduled pay dates only. You can find the link to the UGA payroll calendars here. Please check with your department administrative staff or the Office of Business Affairs if you have questions about your type of employment.

Finance & Budgets

The College of Pharmacy’s budget development process for the next fiscal year begins with the start of the calendar year. Detailed information relating to budget development, implementation and control for state and income accounts along with the UGA Budget Development schedule are found on the Budget Division website. The total budget allocation for the College of Pharmacy for FY 2015-16 is about $30.0 million. This includes state, income, grant and foundation accounts.

The Office of Business Affairs deals with four types of University accounts–state, income, sponsored and foundation. Each type of account has guidelines for allowable expenditures. Please contact the Office of Business Affairs for more guidelines. Transfer of funds between the same type of accounts is generally possible while transfers from one type of account to another is usually not possible: for example, it is not possible to transfer state funds to a income or grant account.

Fiscal year 2015-16 budgets have been allocated to various departments within the College of Pharmacy at the beginning of the year. All funds allocated must be spent based on UGA policies, procedures and deadlines.

All expenditure and income transactions relating to departments within the College of Pharmacy must be processed through the Office of Business Affairs. The Business Affairs staff will make sure that UGA policies and procedures are being followed and that accounts being updated have sufficient balances. The Office of Business Affairs monitors balances on a daily basis. Regular monthly status reports of budgets vs. actual and unspent balances are provided to the College. Departments and faculty must bring to the attention of the Business Office any discrepancies within 60 days of a misposting or error. This will allow the Office of Business Affairs to make sure necessary adjustments are made in a timely manner.

UGA Foundation

Forward checks as received to the Office of Business Affairs for processing.

Event Approval:
All events that will generate revenue, through the University of Georgia Foundation are subject to this policy. See link for full policy
For any events falling under this policy, an approved copy of the Event Approval Form should accompany all University of Georgia Foundation deposits. See link for Event Approval Form.
Please forward the necessary forms to the Office of Business Affairs at least 30 days prior to the event.

College of Pharmacy Event Budget Request:
All events must have an Event Budget Request form approved by the Dean. Please estimate expenses and indicate the type of funding that will be used. Please use state funds, when expenses are allowable.
Please forward the necessary forms to the Office of Business Affairs at least 30 days prior to the event.

Logos and Trademark Approvals
Use of UGA logos and trademarks must be approved by the Office of Public Affairs. See link for full policy and approval form.

Grants & Contracts

Pre-award and post-award grants and contracts are handled by the Office of Business Affairs.   If you have questions about pre-award or post-award grants or contracts, contact Jennifer Caplinger at 706-542-5291.


Human Resources

There are four categories of employees based on pay type–Academic, Monthly, Salaried and Hourly. Academic employees are those appointments on 9-month (academic year) contracts. Academic employees on 12-month contracts (fiscal year) are paid as monthly employees. Exempt employees are also included in the monthly category. Salaried employees are non-exempt employees who are paid on a bi-weekly basis. Hourly employees are temporary and student workers.

Please do not allow anyone to work until all appropriate hiring paperwork has been completed, including the I-9 and Background Investigation. Incomplete and incorrect I-9 information will result in hiring delays and could result in fines from Immigration and Naturalization Service. UGA requires that all offers are contingent upon a successful background investigation.

All categories of employees are subject to the nepotism policy (employment of relatives). UGA’s policy relating to nepotism provides guidelines which do not allow employees to influence the hiring, supervision, promotion, or compensation of a relative. The nepotism policy is available at this link.

The Office of Business Affairs staff will provide you information and help relating to HR and payroll questions. The Office of Business Affairs must be informed when an employee under any of the categories mentioned above is planning to leave the College. This will allow the Office of Business Affairs to make sure that the Department has completed the necessary paperwork and to take the concerned employee off payroll.


UGA’s Mytime for Hourly and Salaried Employees
Employees classified as non-exempt under FLSA are paid based on approval of timecards (timesheets) every two weeks. These timecards may be accessed by employees and supervisors using their MyIDs at When approving timecards, supervisors must ensure that hours shown by employees are actual hours worked.

The following demos are available for new users:

Hourly/salaried data, including work/study student payrolls, are due in the Office of Business Affairs every other Thursday by 10:00 a.m., during the week opposite the week you receive your check, unless otherwise advised due to holidays.

Please note that salaried employees must fill out leave forms for leave taken within the pay period before that pay period ends. Everyone should use the Leave System to fill out leave forms electronically.

Academic/Monthly data are due in the Office of Business Affairs on or before the 1st of each month.

UGA requires new employees to use direct deposit for payroll. Information on direct deposit and other payroll issues may be found at the UGA Payroll Department Website.

Payroll Calendars

Biweekly Salary Calendar for 2018-2019

Hourly Calendar for 2018-2019


New Employees

  • Please note that Procedures for Posting Positions and Reclassifications have changed.
  • All newly-hired faculty and staff will receive an email invitation to visit the UGA Onboarding System and complete their new hire “packet.” The email will include default login and password. The System features a 16-minute timeout feature for security purposes. If timed out, the employee may revisit the Onboarding System to resume completing the packet, using his/her login and password:
  • Detailed info from the Office of Academic Affairs and personnel checklists are available here. The Post-Doctoral Routing Form is also available from OVPR at this link. You can also download individual checklists on the Faculty/Staff resources page under Business Forms > Checklists.
  • PLEASE NOTE THIS IMPORTANT DATE FOR NEW MONTHLY EMPLOYEES: The first (1st) of each month is the deadline for processing new hires who will be receiving payment for the month hired. If all personnel work has not been completed and given to the Office of Business Affairs before or by the 1st of the month, then the new employee cannot receive payment at the end of the month in which they were hired. They will have to be backpaid for the month hired at the end of the following month. Please be sure that employees in your department understand this and plan accordingly.
  • Remember to familiarize new employees with the College of Pharmacy Leave System.
  • You may find the following websites helpful:
    ISSIS (International Student, Scholar, and Immigration Services)
    OVPR (Office of the Vice President for Research)
    UGA Human Resources

Personnel Changes

When personnel changes (such as change of name or address) are made during the year for salaried or monthly employees, the change must be reported in writing (e-mail is acceptable) to the Office of Business Affairs.

Exiting Employees

Employees and supervisors must notify the Office of Business Affairs asap when an employee is leaving.

Employees who are leaving or transferring to another department need to fill out exiting paperwork and give it to the Office of Business Affairs, where they will also pick up a Separation Notice. This should be done by the last week of employment and applies to all employees–faculty, staff, post docs, hourly and student workers.

The forms that are required for exiting employees are:

If you have any questions about the information on this page, please contact Jessica Hart at

Job Posting & Reclassification

Form for Request to Fill a Position

A Request to Fill Position form must be completed before a position is posted. Completed forms must be forwarded to the Office of Business Affairs for approval. The Critical Position Personnel Action Request form can be located at:

iPAWS–Integrated Position and Applicant Workforce System

iPAWS is UGA’s online employment system. All temporary and non-temporary staff positions must be posted on iPAWS. Any position to be posted must be initiated by the concerned department and forwarded to the Office of Business Affairs for approval after a request to fill a position has been approved.

Click here for administrative login to iPaws

Filling Vacant Faculty Positions

Any position that is to be filled due to retirement or resignation of a faculty member must be approved by the Dean prior to instituting a search. This applies to all faculty positions, academic or administrative, and to all colleges, schools and other budgetary and academic units.

Starting Salaries for New Staff Employees

All starting salaries that are greater than 15% above the minimum of the specified salary grade range must be reviewed and approved by Human Resources before offers of employment are extended.

Guidelines for Reclassification of Staff Positions

Reclassification of staff due to a change in duties will be considered by Human Resources. The reclassification form in IPAWS should be completed at the unit level and routed to the Office of Business Affairs. Human Resources will work with the department head to determine an appropriate classification for the position.

Guidelines for Retention Issues

Any salary adjustment requests to address faculty and staff retention issues must be approved by the Senior Vice President. Retention adjustments will be limited to mission critical positions. A written justification must be submitted to the Dean for approval. The effective date for these salary adjustments also must be approved by the respective Senior Vice President. This guideline is effective for all positions, staff and faculty, regardless of funding source.

Promotion Increases for Transferring Employees

When an employee is promoted, a salary increase may be granted in an amount calculated in one of three ways:

  • Up to the minimum of the new classification; or
  • Up to 10 percent above the employee’s current salary; or
  • Up to 15 percent above the minimum of the specified salary grade range.

All promotional salaries that are greater than those mentioned above must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Senior Vice President before offers of promotion and/or employment are extended. All such requests must be approved by the Office of Business Affairs.

Leave System

The College of Pharmacy leave system has been replaced by OneUSG Connect.  Please complete your leave request by logging in to OneUSG Connect Employee Self-Service at the URL below:

OneSource Information
Vehicle Reservations

Vehicle Reservations

Vehicle Policies and Procedures

The College of Pharmacy has made the following vehicles available for official use to faculty, staff and authorized students:

  • Vehicle #94529–Chevy Malibu Sedan (Albany)–Please contact the Albany office at 229-312-2151 for reservations.
  • Vehicle #95649–Ford Focus Sedan (Athens–for External Affairs use only)
  • Vehicle #94831–Chevy Uplander Minivan (Athens)
  • Vehicle #95650–Ford Focus Sedan (Augusta)–Please contact Becky Glosson or Kathi Hardwick at 706-721-4915 or e-mail or for reservations.
  • Vehicle #95520–Kia Sedona (Athens)

1. College of Pharmacy vehicles are available for official use by faculty and staff. Students may use the vehicle based on prior authorization by a responsible faculty or staff member. However, a student is not authorized to put fuel in the vehicle.

2. Drivers must have a valid Georgia driver’s license and are responsible for conforming to all applicable traffic laws, parking regulations, and all state/University policies regarding use and operation of state vehicles.

3. UGA policy does not allow an employee to take a state vehicle home or to have family members ride along without the Dean’s approval.

4. Each vehicle has a Fuel Card in the glove compartment. For the Fuel Card to work it must be used along with your 6-digit pin on your UGA Card (6 digits in between 810 and the last digit). If the Fuel Card does not work for some reason on your trip, you may use your own credit card and get reimbursed through a check request (you will need your receipt).

5. When you drive the state vehicle (in-state or out-of-state) during an overnight stay, please reserve the vehicle as usual. The Office of Business Affairs will make a determination based on availability to allow you to use state vehicle or not. You will receive an e-mail confirmation. The only exception is leaving the state vehicle at the airport. Please do not leave state vehicles at airports. This will allow the vehicle to be available to others.

6. The vehicle reservation system will automatically send out e-mail notification whether a vehicle reservation is confirmed or not. Please attach a copy of the email notification to your Travel Expense statement if the vehicle was not available. This will assist the Office of Business Affairs staff to make a decision regarding your travel reimbursement request.

7. The keys can be picked up the day before, if you plan to leave early in the morning, or on the day you plan to travel. When you return, please make sure the keys are returned to the Office of Business Affairs right away. The Office of Business Affairs must know where you have parked the vehicle since someone else may be in line for use of this vehicle. After normal work hours keys may be placed in the drop box outside the Office of Business Affairs.

8. When returning the vehicle please keep the following in mind:

a. Keys must be turned into the Office of Business Affairs immediately upon return.

b. Keys may be placed in the drop box after business hours along with a note that indicates where the vehicle is parked.

c. In case the gas tank is below the ¼ mark please use VTM – Fuel depot on River Road to gas up using the gas card in the glove compartment of the vehicle. The VTM Fuel Depot is open 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. Your UGA Card will be needed.

d. Please remove all personal belongings when the vehicle is returned. The interior must be in clean condition so that it can be available to others for use.

9. On the use of personal vehicles by employees for UGA business the UGA travel policy indicates “If a government-owned vehicle is available, and its use is determined to be the most advantageous to the state, or if it is determined that a rental vehicle is the recommended mode of travel, but a personal motor vehicle is used, the employee will be reimbursed at $0.23 per mile.” Please note that this rate is subject to change based on the State’s directives. See UGA Travel Policy at

10. If you cancel your reservation for any reason, please let the Office of Business Affairs know immediately via e-mail ( This will help ensure that funds relating to your travel are un-encumbered on the Accounting system.

11. For out of state travel, employees will be more than welcome to carpool with the state vehicle when driving to the meeting location. Requests for state vehicles to be left at the airport for a few days will not be entertained.

12. State vehicle use:

a. Each state vehicle is now provided with a vehicle log that must be updated by all users. The log requires the user to indicate date the vehicle is used, business purpose (what did you use it for?) and begin and end odometer. This is an additional procedure that will be required. The Office of Business Affairs will review this on a regular basis. All faculty/ staff/ students must update log each time a trip is undertaken.

b. When an employee uses UGA gas card (stored inside of vehicle glove compartment) along with their UGA card to purchase gasoline, gasoline receipts from these outside sources (other than Vehicle Transportation & Maintenance–VTM) must be obtained and submitted to the Office of Business Affairs for reconciliation after returning from a trip. This, too, is an additional procedure. These receipts will be reconciled on a regular basis.

c. To assist with faculty and staff travel, a Global Positioning System (GPS) is available in the Office of Business Affairs. This may be requested along with the vehicle. It will be available on first-come first-serve basis. Please note that it must be returned with the vehicle keys.

Make a Vehicle Reservation

How to Make a Vehicle Reservation Using Booked

The College uses Booked for all vehicle reservations. You will be able to make your own vehicle reservations online. Please read the instructions below and if you have any questions about how to use the vehicle reservations system, email Jeanne Prine at

To reserve vehicles or view reservations you will need to create an account on Booked by going to College of Pharmacy Booked.

Step One–Register (create an account)

Go to College of Pharmacy Booked. You will be asked to enter a username and password to use for your new account. Next select your timezone (select North America/New York) and choose the page you want to see first whenever you log on. You can select Bookings (weekly view), MyCalendar (your personal calendar), or the Resource Calendar (College vehicle reservations calendar—monthly view). For your convenience, we suggest using Bookings or the Resource Calendar as your preferred page. After making your initial selection, you can change your home page at any time by going to My Account > Profile.

Step Two–Enter your email preference

Under My Account > Notification Preferences you can choose to receive automatic email notification when your reservation is approved by the Office of Business Affairs. Unless you choose this option, you will need to check the Bookings view (Schedule > Bookings) to see when Business Affairs confirms your choice of vehicle, date and time. We strongly suggest that you select automatic email notification.

Step Three–Create a Reservation

You can make a vehicle reservation using the Resource Calendar (Schedule > Resource Calendar) or Bookings view (Schedule > Bookings). All reservations are pending until confirmed by Business Affairs.

Step Four—Return Keys and Notify Business Office

When you return the keys, be sure to let Business Affairs know where the vehicle is parked. Please email Kirsten Jackson at or call 706-542-5877 (leave voice message if after normal business hours).

Who do I contact for help with my reservation?

For questions about your reservation or available vehicles, contact Kirsten Jackson at 706-542-5877 or

For technical assistance, contact Jeanne Prine at or 706-542-5354.