College of Pharmacy Undergraduate Advising Change

Pre-Pharmacy academic advising is moving back to the College of Pharmacy. After 20 years, the College will reabsorb Pre-Doctor of Pharmacy advising services from Franklin College. In addition, all Intended Pharmaceutical Sciences students will now be holistically advised in-house, marking the first time first- and second-year students will be served by the College in this way. In an effort to strengthen student identity as future pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, these changes will take effect Summer 2021 and reflect a goal outlined in the College’s new 2025 Strategic Plan to formalize advising programs at all academic program levels. As indicated in this graphic, every new or transfer student entering the College with a major in Intended Pharmaceutical Sciences will select one of two focus areas during New/Transfer Student Orientation: Pre-Doctor of Pharmacy or BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences. This new “one-stop” model of advising will lessen the burden on students to navigate between different parts of campus for answers and resources. Additionally, it is expected that more consistent contact for first- and second-year students to “life” and opportunities inside the College of Pharmacy will stoke further interest to pursue continuing education here. In preparation for the move, the College’s new advising team – Shane Pruitt, Erik Dennison, and Leslie Standridge – is currently reviewing best-practice developmental advising strategies focused on student retention and ultimately expect to enrich the pipeline of UGA students seeking careers in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

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