CET Program Connects Research With Clinical Practice Setting

One of the College’s hidden gems is the Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics (CET) program housed at the extended campus in Augusta. Utilizing the combined resources of UGA and Augusta University, the program provides graduate training in therapeutics and drug development research that directly connects the basic science laboratory with the clinical practice setting.  Somanath Shenoy, Ph.D., FAHA, serves as director of the CET program, and faculty members include S. Priya Narayanan, Ph.D.; Andrea Sikora, Pharm.D., BCPS; and Duo Zhang, Ph.D.

CET faculty members, along with graduate students, have a plethora of recent accomplishments worthy of note.  The following information outlines these achievements.



  • Shenoy was named the College’s Undergraduate, Graduate, and Certificate Teacher of the Year and appointed the Kenneth L. Waters Pharmacy Professorship.
  • Narayanan received tenure status at the College.

Student Presentation Awards

Several CET students presented research posters at the 2023 Southeast Regional Clinical and Translational Science Conference and the Augusta University Graduate Research Day. The following CET students won awards for their presentations:

  • Moaddey Alfarhan, a recent graduate student in Dr. Priya Narayanan’s lab, received “Best Pre-clinical Research Poster Award”
  • Yin Zhu, a graduate student in Dr. Duo Zhang’s lab, received “Best CET Research Poster Award”

Student Conference Presentations at the Association for Research in Vision Ophthalmology (ARVO) International Conference, New Orleans, LA

  • Shengshuai Shan, Fang Liu, P.R. Somanath Shenoy, S. Priya Narayanan. Triciribine Attenuates Pathological Neovascularization and Vascular Permeability in a Mouse Model of Proliferative Retinopathy.
  • Moaddey Alfarhan, Fang Liu, Yini Liao, P.R. Somanath Shenoy, S. Priya Narayanan. Long-term Treatment with MDL 72527 Reduced Retinal Neuro-glial Injury and Improved Visual Acuity, Contrast Sensitivity, and Inner Retinal Function in Diabetic Mice.
  • Madhuri Rudraraju, Shengshuai Shan, Fang Liu, S. Priya Narayanan, P.R. Somanath Shenoy. Pharmacological modulation of cytoplasmic β-catenin strengthens cell junctions and alleviates pathological vascular permeability and inflammation in an experimental model of uveitis.


Dr. Shenoy was invited to serve on the study section of the American Heart Association ‘Transformational Project Research Grant.’

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