Mission and Tenets (Approved at the COP Faculty meeting on May 15, 2017.)

Mission: The mission of the UGA College of Pharmacy IPE program is to make a positive difference in the lives and health of the citizenry of Georgia, the nation, and the global community by prioritizing interprofessional education to prepare a graduate that is patient-centered and collaborative.

Overarching Tenets: In addition to being on all campuses, throughout all 4 years of the curriculum, and involving many different healthcare professions, our IPE should be:

  1. Sustainable (not dependent on a single individual’s contacts, etc.)
  2. Efficient (does not add “busy work” to curriculum)
  3. Measurable with outcomes documented for each student
  4. Flexible (with a variety of potential partners)
  5. Longitudinal
  6. Formalized through MOUs with other professional schools
  7. Proactively resourced
  8. Utilizing non-traditional electronic technology (eg. Zoom, webinars, artificial intelligence)
  9. Interprofessional Courses and Experiences

Interprofessional Education at the UGA College of Pharmacy (Draft 4-4-17)

For more information contact:

Dr. Timothy R. Brown,
Director of Interprofessional Pharmacy
Office: 706-542-1228

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