What to Do in the Event of a Tornado Warning–Savannah Campus

Dear Savannah College of Pharmacy Faculty, Staff, and Students,

In the event of a tornado warning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, please proceed calmly to the nearest shelter area.  While waiting for the all clear, wear your face coverings and practice social distancing.  As shelter areas fill and social distancing is not possible, please remain calm and make room for others.  Below is a list of shelter areas in both the Classroom area and the Faculty Office suite.

A tornado warning should be heeded with as much urgency as you would a fire alarm. Classes are not to continue during tornado warnings, even if the classroom being used is listed as a shelter area, as others may need to move into these rooms to find shelter.


NOTE:  1st floor areas, away from windows are safest and you should always go there if time and available space permit.

Heart Lung Building (HL)

2nd floor Student spaces and offices – Hallway beyond the elevators and to the left as you pass the elevators. Move away from the balcony area and away from the glass HL bldg. entrance.  Also the stairwell (either up or down as both are internal and have no windows) would be a sheltered area.

If time permits you can also go to the central hallway in the Professional Office Building (POB)…make sure you pass quickly through the glassed in areas and go through the door into the POB. Hallway doors should be closed.

 Professional Office Building

2nd Floor office area – immediately leave offices with outside windows.  Move to inner offices, seminar room or conference (Areas with NO outside windows). Additionally, the hallway of the POB is also a sheltered area.



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