Dr. Michael Bartlett Receives University Professor Recognition

Dr. Michael G. Bartlett, the Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Pharmacy and the Associate Dean for Science Education, Research and Technology in the College of Pharmacy, has been named University Professor, a prestigious honor bestowed on faculty who have had a significant impact on the university in addition to fulfilling their normal academic responsibilities. A member of the CoP faculty since December 1995, Dr. Bartlett is the first Pharmacy faculty member to receive the University Professorship. According to the announcement made by UGA, Dr. Bartlett has championed innovative curricula and programs in the College of Pharmacy while also significantly elevating its research activity. His institutional contributions include service on the President’s Faculty Advisory Committee, the Graduate Council, Core Facilities Advisory Team, and the Provost’s Task Force on Academic Excellence. To read the announcement in its entirety, see here.

Said Dr. Bartlett, “I’m excited to receive this recognition, because it is about helping students. Creating new degree programs opens new opportunities and helps differentiate UGA from other universities. In addition, It allows the outside world better see what makes UGA so special.  Working with students is the best part of my job. I am honored and humbled by this recognition.”

Commented Dean Kelly Smith, “University Professor is one of UGA’s top honors. This is a great and worthy recognition of Dr. Bartlett’s accomplishments across all of our missions in the College, his contributions to UGA, and the great esteem in which he is regarded for his science. I am immensely proud.”

Along with Dr. Bartlett, Dr. Libby Morris, the Zell B. Miller Distinguished Professor of Higher Education and Director of the Louise McBee Institute of Higher Education, also received the University Professorship recognition.  Said Dr. S. Jack Hu, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, “Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Morris are deeply committed to their students, their scholarship, and, more broadly, elevating the University of Georgia as a whole. They exemplify the unwavering dedication that makes our institution a leader in public higher education.”

Congratulations, Dr. Bartlett! We are PharmDawg Proud!


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