PharmDawg Siblings Explore the Art of Compounding at PCCA Boot Camp

For Will, P3 and Madison, P2 Marquess, a dynamic brother and sister duo from Acworth, Ga., the fall semester started earlywhen they participated in an Introductory Compounding Boot Camp hosted by the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) earlier this month in Houston, Tx.  The two-day, onsite, intensive training program taught the pair about contemporary compounding techniques and provided hands-on experience with non-sterile compounding in PCCA’s state of the art facilities. “We made everything from suspensions and troches to suppositories, capsules, lip balms, lollipops, and gels,” recalled Madison, who found the experience valuable in showing her “…how limitless compounding pharmacy can be.”

Will, who serves as the President of UGA’s National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) chapter, (his sister is the Vice President) shared that the experience was a reminder of how advocacy and policy permeate all aspects of pharmacy. “PCCA and NCPA have worked together to push the boundaries of what pharmacists can do with compounding for better patient outcomes,” explained Will. “Both organizations have been vocal about the upcoming USP changes to assure that new compounding guidance is reasonable for not just patient safety but also pharmacists and compounding facilities, who will be tasked with implementing all of these changes.”

Both Marquess siblings highly recommend the experience to any students looking to learn more about compounding, whether our not they see compounding as part of their pharmacy career. Interested students can learn more at PCCA’s website.

Sporting their UGA scrubs, Will and Madison Marquess prepare for an intensive two-day training program that taught them the ropes of compounding and provided up-to-date information about changing USP guidelines.

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