PharmDawgs Excel at 2024 Southeast Regional Clinical and Translational Science Conference

By Dr. Somanath Shenoy

College of Pharmacy graduate students from the extended campus in Augusta participated in the 2024 Southeast Regional Clinical and Translational Science Conference at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA, from February 28 to March 1. Notable events included an undergraduate research poster presentation by three PharmD students – Jessie Vo, Man Linh La and Ananda Venegas Anderson, who worked under the mentorship of Dr. Somanath Shenoy. Additionally, Harry Henry-Ojo, a Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics graduate student mentored by Dr. Priya Narayanan received first prize for his research poster among 190 submissions. An abstract submitted by Saugata Dutta, A graduate student in Dr. Duo Zhang’s laboratory was chosen for an oral presentation through a competitive review. The presented abstracts are below:

  • Fluids and Catheters Treatment Trial (FACTT) Data Reveal Poor Clinical Outcomes in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Patients with Diabetes by Abdulaziz Alanazi
  • Circulating Nucleosomes Exacerbate COVID-19 by Promoting Inflammation by Saugata Dutta
  • Genome Atlas Analysis Reveal Inverse Relationship Between P21-Activated Kinase (PAK) Isoforms and Patient Survival in a Variety of Cancer Types
  • Therapeutic Implications of SMOX Deletion in Multiple Sclerosis by Harry Henry-Ojo
  • Lipofibroblast-Derived TIMP-1 Modulates Adaptive Immune Responses to Influenza A Viral Infection by Xiaoyun Wang
  • Reactive Oxidative Species (ROS) Induce Lipid Laden Macrophage Formation Via CYP1B1 Pathway by Yin Zhu
  • Incorporating Plasma Biomarkers into the Lung Injury Prediction Score Model for Prediction of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome by Aaron Chase
  • Validation of Estrogen-Responsive Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinases-1 as a Sex- Specific Biomarker for Acute Lung Injury by Sultan Almuntashiri
  • Assessing the Potential of ChatGPT-4 to Accurately Identify Drug-Drug Interactions and Provide Clinical Pharmacotherapy Recommendations by Amoreena Most

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