President Morehead Visits Augusta Campus

UGA President Jere Morehead recently toured the College of Pharmacy’s campus in Augusta and spent time talking with students, faculty and staff about their experiences and learning environment. According to Dr. Rusty May, clinical professor, and Dr. Susan Fagan, assistant dean, of the Augusta campus, President Morehead was impressed with the number of College of Pharmacy graduates who are in residency programs in Georgia and throughout the country; the level of technology being used by the college; the quality and quantity of research posters being presented by CoP students at national conferences; and even the new signage on the building that proudly reads “University of Georgia College of Pharmacy.” In turn, students shared with him how much they value their learning environment in Augusta, yet how connected they still feel to the main campus in Athens. Said Dr. Fagan, “It was a thrill for me to ‘show off’ our space and our trainees to President Morehead. I greatly appreciate him taking the time to visit us in Augusta.”

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