reflections of alumni activities

The following highlights alumni-related activities of the College of Pharmacy since September

Alumni Gather for D.C. Networking

The Nation’s Capitol was the site of a recent gathering of PharmDawgs. Dean Kelly Smith ’92, ’93 hosted the event for several alumni.  Those in attendance included Nav Singh, BSPS ’20; Marissa Furman Ross, PharmD ’08; Eric Bryant, BSPS ’20, MS ‘25; Sam Bignault, BSA ’19; and Sarah Adam Bignault, PharmD ‘23.


UGA a Highlight at NCPA Conference

1st Runner-Up in Business Plan, 2nd Runner-Up in Student Chapter, Chancy as President

The College of Pharmacy soared at the recent National Community Pharmacy Association’s annual meeting held in Orlando, Florida.  Highlights included: 

Hugh Chancy, BSPH ’88, completed his term as president

2023 Good Neighbor Pharmacy NCPA Pruitt-Schutte Student Business Plan Competition – 1st Runner Up

2023 NCPA Student Chapter of the Year – 2nd Runner Up 

Student Chapter also had the largest percentage of increase in membership

Student Poster Presentation: Exploring Georgia’s Pharmacy Deserts: An Analysis of Georgia Counties Lacking a Community Pharmacy – Rachel Lovvorn (P-4), Maggie Testerman (P-4), Carley Yawn (P-4), Blake Johnson, Ashley Hannings ‘11 (first three are student authors) 

Homecoming Tailgate a PharmDawg Win

UGA’s College of Pharmacy hosted PharmDawg enthusiasts on November 4th for a winner of a Homecoming tailgate in the College’s Rite Aid Courtyard. More than 250 faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends came together to celebrate the occasion.

Amidst the lively atmosphere, Georgia’s beloved mascot, Uga XI, affectionately known as Boom, made a special appearance, spreading cheer among PharmDawg fans.

Throughout the tailgate, various student organizations showcased fundraising merchandise, allowing attendees to indulge in their love for UGA Pharmacy with various gear and apparel, while supporting worthy causes. Similar merchandise is available for purchase in the PharmDawg Holiday Catalog, which can be viewed here.  

The day’s excitement continued as the UGA Bulldogs took on Missouri in a thrilling game. The Dawgs emerged victorious, defeating Missouri with a final score of 30-21. The resounding cheers from the tailgate attendees echoed the triumph on the field, making the Homecoming experience unforgettable for everyone.

The success of the Pharmacy tailgate and the thrilling game against Missouri added to the university community’s pride, marking the 2023 Homecoming as a memorable celebration of school spirit and camaraderie. 

To view photos from the event, see here.  

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