Regulatory Sciences Program Graduates Ms And Certificate Students

Thirteen students from the International Biomedical Regulatory Sciences (IBRS) program received master’s degrees or graduate certificates in Regulatory Sciences at the completion of the spring 2023 semester, reported Dr. Grace Gowda, Director of IBRS.

“We are proud of our graduating students, who are committed to the healthcare profession and the development of innovative medicines that will support their communities and beyond,” said Dr. Gowda. “As the biomedical industry rapidly expands, regulatory science professionals are needed. I am confident of the contributions these individuals will make due to the excellent education and training they received from the faculty in our program.”

Housed at the UGA Gwinnett campus in Lawrenceville, the IBRS program was founded in 2004 with financial support from the State of Georgia and was one of the first training grounds for regulatory sciences in the country. UGA’s program remains a national model due to its unique, global focus. Explained Dr. Michael Bartlett, University Professor and CoP’s Associate Dean for Science Education, Research and Technology, “Most universities provide a regulatory sciences education designed to the specific needs of their state pharma industries and are focused on regulations set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, our program is more diverse in its outreach. Certainly, we cover FDA regulations in our curriculum, but we also address regulations in the European, Latin American, and other international marketplaces. Essentially, if a biomedical product is regulated anywhere in the world, we cover the agency and related regulations.”

Dr. Bartlett added, “UGA’s IBRS program covers animal health regulations, which is a unique offering of our program. This is especially important as Georgia has the largest animal health research and development site in the world – Boehringer Ingelheim in Duluth, Athens, and Gainesville.”

Tailored for working professionals and students pursuing other educational pathways, the web-based, part-time, online IBRS curriculum is designed to prepare regulatory sciences specialists for careers in the medical device, pharmaceutical, biologics, and animal health business sectors. Graduates become professionals who are critical to the development, manufacturing, and marketing of safe and effective medical drugs and products. Instructors are leaders from industry, UGA, and regulatory agencies, which assures that training is relevant and current to the field.

Spring 2023 Recipients Of Graduate Degrees And Certificates:

Master’s Degree in Regulatory Sciences

Erica Friedman

  • Master’s Project: “Evaluation of the Generic Drugs Program and GDUFA Reauthorizations for Fiscal Years 2013-2022”
  • Major Professor:  Dr. Michael Bartlett
  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences, UGA, 2022

Carson Moriarty

  • Master’s Project: “Mental Health Dietary Supplements: An Analysis of the Safety and Efficacy of Anti-Anxiety Supplements Sold on Amazon”
  • Major Professor:  Dr. Michael Bartlett
  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences, UGA, 2022

Andrew Partain

  • Master’s Project: “Scaled Design Development Plan for Remediation of Windchill – Document Linkage”
  • Major Professor: Alexander Jacks, III
  • Planet Pharma/Aruna Bio, Quality Assurance Associate
  • Graduate Certificate – Regulatory Sciences, UGA IBRS, 2021

Bryan Soto

  • Master’s Project: “Practical Applications of Stereolithography (SLA) Printers in Healthcare and Medical Device Industries”
  • Major Professor:  Seppe de Gelas
  • Abbott, Regulatory Affairs Specialist
  • Graduate Certificate – Clinical Trials Design and Management, UGA IBRS, 2020
  • PhD – Computational Quantum Chemistry, UGA, 2019

Graduate Certificates in Regulatory Sciences

Emily Davis

  • Candidate, UGA PharmD, 2024

Phillip Dean

  • Candidate, PhD in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences, UGA, 2025
  • Candidate, Clinical Trials Design and Management Certificate, UGA IBRS, Summer 2023

Jake Forcier 

  • Candidate, Master’s in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences, UGA, 2024

Ashlee Harvey

  • Candidate, PharmD, UGA, 2024

Taylor S. Jones

  • Candidate, Master’s in International and Biomedical Sciences, UGA, 2024

Shylock Mafu 

  • Candidate, Master’s in International and Biomedical Sciences, UGA, 2024

Makienze Moore

  • Candidate, PharmD, UGA, 2024

Yue (Michelle) Rao

  • Candidate, PharmD, UGA, 2024

Kelsie Sapp

  • Candidate, PharmD, UGA, 2025

Kayla Ward

  • Candidate, PharmD, UGA, 2024

Sarah Wilson

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